Dos & Don’ts While Redesigning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of the home. Families gather in the kitchen to prepare meals, to finish up homework or just have a chat. The kitchen is known as the heart of the home and the area that tends to receive the most attention when a remodeling project takes place. As a major selling point, the kitchen is the first to be remodeled to be both an enjoyable space as well as an investment of the home.
Kitchen remodels are very involved and there are many dos and don’ts that home owners must be aware of before starting a major remodel. With proper planning and following certain rules of design, many home owners end up making changes after the initial remodel. Below are a few do’s and don’ts when renovating the kitchen area.

Kitchen Remodel Do’s

Cabinet to Ceiling Height

When remodeling kitchen cabinets, be sure to bring the cabinets up to ceiling height. Many home owners will leave a space above the cabinets to place knickknacks or other items. This is nice at first with the décor or theme of the room, but eventually the top area of the cabinets gather dust and are a hassle to clean. With cabinets that reach the ceiling, home owners will have even more space to place dishes and cookware, a definite plus!

Conceal Appliances

When designing a new kitchen space, a popular idea is to hide the appliances with cabinetry. Fake cabinet doors are added to the fronts of dishwashers, ovens and even refrigerators to give a seamless look to the kitchen. This is an added expense but one that is well worth the investment.

Work with the Space

Many homes have small kitchens that can be difficult to design, especially when it comes to space. No matter how large or small the space, careful planning can allow for maximum use. Take plenty of time to plan the remodel to work with the space you have to totally utilize the area.

Invest in Quality Materials

When choosing materials for cabinets, flooring, etc; be sure to use quality materials. With top notch materials such as cedar, pine, marble and granite, you can be assured that the remodel will last for many years to come. With poor materials, the remodel may not go as planned or even last for a decade. With solid wood and quality flooring, the investment will last a lifetime and not only be an enjoyable space but also provide equity in the home.

Kitchen Remodel Don’ts

Never Overdo It

When creating a theme in the kitchen, be careful to not overdo it. For example, if you plan on creating a fruit themed kitchen, it is important to keep the design at a minimum. By keeping the design simple, the kitchen can be enjoyed without being over-designed. With too much clutter or design, the eye can wander and anyone in the kitchen can easily become overwhelmed. With simple design the décor is pleasing to the eye and comfortable as well a usable space.

Trendy instead of Function

Many home owners will move toward a trendy kitchen remodel instead of taking function into consideration. When this happens, the kitchen can become un-functional and not a useable space. Colors that are trendy or shapes that are not common in design can be a horrible selling point as well as an expensive investment that does not pay off. With a functional design, home owners can enjoy the space as well as have a great selling point in the home.

Avoiding Professionals

Another large mistake that many home owners face is that fact that they avoid hiring professionals. A professional contractor, designer and painter are just a few professionals that can help a home owner with a kitchen remodel. However, many home owners forgo the hiring of a professional for the project. This can lead to major problems with a DIY project by a beginner as well as more money spent on the remodel. With a professional, this can all be avoided and the project will be finished up quickly with less stress on the home owner.

Overall, there are many dos and don’ts when it comes to a kitchen remodel. As a home owner, being aware is the very first step to a successful renovation.

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