Stay-at-Home Computing Creates Endless Opportunities

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The Internet has created many opportunities that many may not have had previously. Not only as Online Education become available to those who may not have traditional campus programs available to them, but the Internet also opens up more job possibilities for those who want and/or need to work from home. The advancement of online technology means that there are more possibilities in communication, education and careers for a greater number of people.

Social Media

Social media and social networking now make up the heart of Internet use for many people, especially those who use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Facebook dominated the social media networks for some time, but it has lost popularity to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Social networks have given users a platform to find those with common interest and has changed the way many forms of media including television and radio work.

Social media have also provided users with ways to network with others in ways not possible before social media. For instance, many celebrities communicate directly with fans. Consumers have a direct line to companies to air grievances in such a way that can get responses with enough momentum. Furthermore, Twitter hashtags have the potential to reach millions and allow millions to discuss any number of topics ranging from social justice issues to television shows.

Online Education

Another way the Internet has changed opportunities for consumers is that higher education opportunities are now available to many in ways not before available. Distance learning from established universities and online universities mean that people who want to pursue a degree can take classes while still keeping full-time jobs and/or raising families. These courses cost only a fraction of the cost of traditional campus programs. Those with fewer financial resources can now take classes to obtain new credentials.

Not only is online education more affordable for more people, but it is also more flexible for those who need to work around busy schedules. These new opportunities can have many positive repercussions for individuals and society. Since more people have the chance to get higher education degrees, they will be better equipped to fill positions in industries such as nursing, accounting, business, social work, medical billing and coding and many other industries.


There are many ways online commuting has made it easier for people to find fulfilling careers or just opportunities to supplement their incomes while they are at home. For instance, those who are in the middle of a job search can use one of the many job posting sites such as Monster in addition to social networks to find out about job opportunities locally or elsewhere. They can also network with others to get the inside scoop on career opportunities.

This also means that many people have been able to create their own careers based on the Internet alone. For instance, many people have managed to become "Twitter famous" or "YouTube sensations" and cashed in on newfound celebrity. Others have learned how to navigate social media to maximize on their potential to reach millions of like minds and make them interested in their products or services.

With the Internet and social networks continuing to evolve, social media, online education and careers are now available to a greater number of people. Online opportunities have meant that social arenas and other institutions previously closed to many people are now open and in some cases becoming more irrelevant and obsolete. People have been able to stay at home and take advantage of opportunities to help them enrich their lives whether through work, education or connecting with others.

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