Custom Upgrades to Consider for Your New Home

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What differentiates a home from its neighbors? Consider augmenting your new home with any one of these interior or exterior custom upgrades to give the new place an individual accent that stands out within your local community.

In newer communities, often dictated by the Home Owner’s Association, each house looks eerily similar. The homes have the option of only three to five colors for exterior paint. You can’t tell the difference between your house and a next door neighbor.

Yet in other communities you quickly notice particular homes that stand out with large editions above the two car garage or solar panels on the roof.

Go against the grain and take these suggestions into consideration when searching for that aesthetic upgrade.

Spiral Staircase

When you finally give friends and family the tour of the new home, they notice particular things. For example, an elegant staircase near the entrance may be the first thing to great their line of sight. People always remember the moment they cross the threshold of a new home.

Rather than stick with the plain, simple, and carpeted staircase going upstairs, dig deep for a little inspiration and innovation. There are so many elegant, creative, and aesthetically pleasing staircase designs these days. For example, the spiral staircase remains a trademark of elegance in homes.

Spiral staircases stand out, they make a statement, and they are often composed of metal, steal, wood, or material of your own preference. Traveling up and down this specific style of staircase creates an adventure in an otherwise boring and unmemorable home.

Double Oven

Do you always bring the prized baked goods to family holidays? Experienced home cooks and even the culinary professionals always take note of the kitchen, especially the oven and range.

Don’t limit yourself in the kitchen. There’s no better way to go than upgrading to a double oven. This allows you to cook multiple dishes and baked goods at once. Also, you’ll automatically move to the top of the list to host holiday events or large parties due to your kitchen’s superior appliances.

Solar Panels

The age of energy efficient homes has arrived. Invest in placing solar panels on your roof and even on top of the garage. This type of upgrade not only lends to the home a certain visual appeal and character, but it saves money on the utility bill.

Going green and creating a more energy efficient home has never been easier. Solar power is the best way to save on living expenses.

Hardwood Flooring

Other than the stairs, the kitchen, and the main common areas, every person takes note of the floors. Carpet is nice to walk on, but nothing says elegant and beautiful like hardwood floors.

Don’t give into the urge to save a few dollars by going with the synthetic flooring. It looks like wood, but you know it’s not. Also, the hardwood installation could be completed as a home project with a little education and guidance. If you have the tools, patience, and time, this upgrade completely transforms the home.

Also, it is less likely to that you’ll experience an insect infestation with hardwood floors that often occurs with carpets. Instead of constantly worrying about bed bugs and fleas, clean the hardwood floors weekly and never fret about such problems.

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