How to Save Energy at Home in Day to Day Life

Conserving energy is the need of the hour, with precious resources on our planet being depleted by the second. Green or environmentally friendly living is no longer just an option you may wish to indulge in but a pressing need and a lifestyle choice that everyone must play their part in. When people usually think of green living they imagine communes in the hills or wide open farmlands that are neither practical nor feasible. They fear giving up certain aspects of their life that they are used to. But this is need not be the case.

We can all be more vigilant about being being eco friendly and changing our lives and day to day activities in small ways that don't really make that much difference in the standard of our lives, but whose cumulative effects can go a long way in making the world a better place to be in.

Let us go through a few basic things you can do at home to conserve energy, without giving up on daily necessities and luxuries -

1. Use your electric and electronic devices properly – Our day to day consumption regarding electricity adds up to quite a massive load. Every household uses appliances like fans, air conditioners, heaters, water heaters, fridges, microwaves, computers, Tvs and lots, lots more. Think of how much energy you are consuming in one single day! While you cannot stop using these, you can help by reducing how much energy you waste. Turn off devices, appliances and electronics when not in use. When when the power button is switched off if a electronic is plugged in it still consumes units of energy known as 'phantom loads'. Therefore, it is best to unplug these as well when possible and not just turn off the switch.

2. Turn off when you leave a space – We have all had those moments when we walk out of the room for an errand and leave the lights and fans on. This is an unnecessary wastage. If you are going to be leaving the room for a little while, make sure you turn off the heating or cooling, power off your TV, music system and other such energy suckers.

3. Find ways to conserve water – Water resources are depleting at an alarming rate these days. Add to the the advent of global warming, a growing population and worldwide draughts and shortages and we have a major problem on our hands. Water in dams are often used to power entire localities and cities and a shortage can have drastic consequences. Make simple switches like having a shorter shower, avoiding long tub baths, reusing water used for washing produce to water your plants and turning the tap off while you brush your teeth. There plenty ways you can find to cut down on usage and wastage of this valuable resource.

4. Use other modes of transportation – Fuel consumption is huge what with everyone buying and using their very own cars and bikes nowadays. This is also adding to an alarming increase in air pollution. Conserve energy and get a little greener and cleaner by cutting down your usage of private vehicles. Start carpooling to work or when dropping the kids off to school, use more public transportation or walk and bicycle short distances.

5. Consider alternative sources of energy when building a home – If you are building a home from scratch think about installing renewable power sources for some if not all of your energy consumption needs. You will find tons of solar panel and wind turbine suppliers that cater to residential needs.

Start by doing your part in saving our precious planet!

Bio -
Mabel J is a green activist and also deals in eco products as a solar panel and wind turbine supplier. She regularly writes about eco friendly living and changes that even the common lay man can make without much expense. In her free time you will find her hiking and swimming. Also she writes on various ways to reduce your debt for such big projects.