Top 10 Online Green MBA Programs

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The Green MBA has become more popular among those who hope to incorporate sustainability into business practices. Many top educational institutions have caught on to this societal demand and include the Green MBA as one of their options. These schools have become known for their quality business programs that incorporate sustainability.

1. Babson College F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business

Babson's sustainability program has had a local impact of reducing both electricity and fuel consumption in Wellesley, Massachusetts, within five years. It also played a central role in creating the schools Sustainability Office. This program offers more than a dozen classes in sustainability including Imaging Sustainability, Social Responsibility in Malaysia and Water in America among others.

2. Presidio Graduate School Sustainable Management

This San Francisco school offers a dual MBA and MPA in sustainable management and focuses on three core concepts. They include business foundations, leadership and sustainable systems. Students in this program make use of a variety of sources such as Natural Capitalism, Thinking in Systems and Plan B among other works. The program also covers concepts in business like accounting, economics, finance, marketing and operations.

3. Claremont Graduate University Drucker School

Claremont's program is one of the newer Green MBA programs, but it includes 11 days in Costa Rica as part of Doing Business in a Culture of Sustainability. Claremont students learn to create practical ideas for real world companies.

4. Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Stanford has also recently incorporated green practices as part of its curriculum. The Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability covers a range of issues related to sustainability in business practices, especially ways in which businesses can use sustainable practices in a competitive manner.

5.McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management

Montreal's McGill University draws notable figures in the sustainability movement, especially since it launched a new curriculum in 2008 and holds the Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability. This curriculum incorporates a number of concepts including environmental, ethical and social issues in order to find ways they can work together to promote environmental responsibility.

6. University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business

The University of Michigan's sustainability program begins with the building itself. The Stephen M. Ross building promotes energy efficiency and responsible features including energy efficient lighting, green roofs to insulate the building, occupation sensors, skylights and water saving mechanisms along with its academic programming.

7. Portland State University School of Business Administration

Portland's MBA program also starts with local sustainability efforts including the Center for Global Leadership in Sustainability's yearly conference on business and sustainability. Courses include Metrics for Sustainable Enterprise, Product Design and Stewardship and Social Sustainability. The program also connects students to local businesses.

8. Bainbridge Graduate Institute Sustainable Business

This Seattle school did not simply incorporate green strategies into existing courses. It created a Green MBA in Sustainable Business. The school uses the motto "Changing Business for Good" and aims to prepare students in successful management techniques that will help them incorporate green practices into businesses.

9. Yale University School of Management

While many of the best green programs are located on the West Coast, Yale brings quality green courses for its world-renowned school. Existing courses now include more information about sustainability and partners with other areas of the university including the Yale Center for Business and the Environment and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

10. Marylhurst University Green MBA

Marylhurst, located in Portland, Oregon, offers an MBA in Sustainable Business to offer a balance in sustainable practices and business practices. It works on the integration of people, planet and profit in ways that helps businesses seek financial viability while giving due to sustainability and social justice.

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