5 Things to Consider Before You Start Landscaping Your Dream Yard

Working on your home's landscaping project can seem a tad overwhelming, especially when you think of all the various factors and considerations that need to be kept in mind. However, as long as you know exactly what you want and what you need to work on, and as long as you have your landscape designer by your side to help you work through the various considerations, you are pretty much sorted. Following are five essential factors you need to consider in order to have the yard you've always dreamt of.


If you're beginning a landscaping project, perhaps the first thing that should come into your mind would be the objective or main purpose that you want your outdoor space to fulfill. Yes, it is extremely important for you to decide what the desired purpose would be of your ideal outdoor landscape, and only then you can go on to make other decisions. Want to give your garden the look of a rainforest? Want to create a haven for you and your partner? Do you want a yard where you can swim and have plenty of entertainment? Want your yard to be ideal for hosting get-togethers? Right from swimming to gardening, to playing, relaxing, cooking and dining, entertaining, and much more, there are plenty of common uses for outdoor spaces that you need to consider before you go on to plan anything else.

Environment and Climate

Another important factor that you can't afford to overlook while planning your home's exterior landscape is the climate or environment. If you're looking to grow plenty of greens, sunlight is the most crucial aspect you should be concerned about. See how much sunlight you can get into your property since it can directly have an impact on the plants that you grow. Also take note of things like which areas get partial shade and which get full shade, and then accordingly you can do your research on what plants are best suited. Also, you need to consider the climate in your area, only then you can go on to select plants that can survive in your climate. Besides climate and environment, you also need to give a serious thought to other things like wind strength, wind direction, water flow, water requirements, soil alkalinity, and so on.

Pets and Children

The next important thing that you definitely need to think about while landscaping your yard is that who will be utilizing the space. Will your yard primarily be a retreat for grownups, or will it accommodate children too? It would take no time for a naughty toddler to make a complete mess out of your perfectly designed landscape. Have you got any pet or animals at home? Does your neighbor have a cat? The last thing you want is your yard being ransacked or even devoured by your dog or the neighbor's cat. Besides, certain plants are poisonous and can pose a threat to your pet's life if consumed. So if you don’t want your beautiful plants to be consumed by your pup and if you don't want your landscape design to be raided by your two-legged and four-legged loved ones, you better give a good though to this factor while landscaping.


Type of Garden

More towards the final stages of working on your landscape design, you can go on to think about the aesthetic appeal and style that you wish to give to your yard. You want your outdoor space to reflect your personality and give you ultimate relaxation. So, do some research and get to know different type of garden styles such as modern, Japanese, desert, cottage, and so on. Consider giving your garden a vintage look by using things like an old bicycle converted into a flower pot stand, old jars, urns, decorative stones, wall hangings, and so on. You could even consider adding soothing water features, rock gardens, a swimming pool, unique patios and walkways, and much more.

Time and Maintenance

Last but not the least, amongst other important factors to consider, make sure you give a serious thought to time and maintenance factors. A beautiful landscape does require a lot of maintenance and a decent chunk of your time. So before you go on to design your dream haven, make sure you have plenty of time to nurture and maintain it. Some plants might look great but might be equally difficult and time-consuming to maintain. Speak to your family members and your landscape designer and try to determine certain things such as how often your landscape service will be coming over to maintain the plants. Or if you're prepared to do it yourself, figure out how much time can you afford to shell out every week to look after your plants, how much hard work are you willing to put into plant maintenance, and so on. To make your work easier, you might want to consider growing low maintenance perennials.

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