Why Buy Designer Light Switches and Sockets?

Designer switches and sockets come in a variety of shapes, makes, materials, hues and sheens to match flawlessly with any given interior. Be it a bathroom or a designer living room, these switches complement the look of the walls as well as serve the purpose of use perfectly.

Designer light switches are a beautiful addition to a home because they look elegant and amalgamate perfectly with the attractive interiors of a living space. Be it a carefully done up living room or a designer bathroom, these switches and sockets blend in completely with the interiors. Besides they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the dwelling area because these electrical fittings are available in a wide range of cuts, designs, shapes and colour options. Most designer switches are a reliable and energy saving option for household and commercial needs as they are very serviceable and render easy operability for years. Besides they are backed by a guarantee and are installed by professionals.

How to decorate a wall with designer switches and sockets?

Designer switches and sockets can be used to beautify the interiors as well as to adorn a boring wall or a dull partition. They can be easily teamed up with stylish wall plates to brighten up unfashionable wall and bring out a charm in an unexciting interior. Some interesting designer switches supplied by interior decorator companies incorporate easy touch like soft tap, push buttons, paddle switches, whisper switches, sensor incorporated designs, manual on options etc. Some modern designs come in interesting combos like decorator on/off switchboards with USB charger sockets. The sockets are again interesting to look at with a variety of styles and designs available in the market. They can be made to match with the switches to make the entire switchboard a part of the decor. One can coordinate the hue of the switches with that of the walls, curtains or furniture to bring out an amiable appeal.

All these designer electrical fittings can be easily sourced from exclusive Interior supplier in UK. These products are supplied in a wide range of design choices and colour options. Since, these electrical fitments like designer switches and sockets come in gold, chrome, seamless white, nickel, brushed matte, bright sheens and several other hues, one has a wide array of colour options to choose from. Moreover, designer bath fittings like faucets and taps also come in the same hues thereby making these switches and sockets a must have in the bathrooms, cloak rooms and kitchens.

Some advantages of designer switches and sockets over traditional electrical fittings:

  • They have a guarantee on the make and as well as come with free servicing for up to a year after complete installation by professionals.
  • These fitments have an industry wide reputation for their incomparable performance.
  • They have a long life and are innovatively built for high operability and overhaul.
  • They can be used to control both mains as well as low voltage lighting as per the needs of a home owner.

Hence the unsurpassed performance, eye-catching looks and high functionality provide far above the ground value for money. Thus, designer switches and sockets are a must have in every commercial and residential premise.

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