Style in Smaller Bathrooms

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Once the Cinderella of the interior design world, bathrooms are really entering the high-end design realm of late. Now that kitchens are things of beauty and living rooms are confidently expressing their homeowner's style, bathrooms are rapidly becoming the next design focus for the style conscious. All showers have energy-efficiency options now, so you can even relax about your energy bills. Here we consider ways in which you can make the most of your bathroom space with shower units without either breaking the budget or compromising on style.

Shower Enclosures

One way to instantly improve the space available in your bathroom, whilst updating the look, is to opt for one of the more modern shower enclosures on the market. Things have moved on in the shower market, and you can now find an enclosure to fit almost every space in your bathroom, whatever the size. Design-wise there are many more options now than ever before. If you love a walk-in shower, you can have it. If the idea of a wet room appeals, this too is now within reach. Once the preserve of the very wealthy, these high-end shower options are revolutionising bathroom designs.

Shower Trays

Shower tray design is really useful when looking at overall bathroom design. There are options for almost any space, however small. If you want your bath, sink and floor space to take centre stage, you can tuck a shower unit away in a corner. If you use the shower infrequently, this is a good option. Look at Quadrant Enclosures, which are designed to fit into a corner, and can make a great feature when space is limited. Offset Quadrant Enclosures are better for slightly larger areas and give you more space to manoeuvre.

Shower Doors

There are several types of doors, and those with smaller spaces may find both sliding doors and hinged opening doors the most useful. The ability to get in and out of a shower cubicle without swinging a big door out into the bathroom space is key. Hinged doors are another good option, and designs here have also moved on in recent years. Hinged doors now have a much smoother pivoting action, meaning opening and closing them is effortless. Shower doors are now designed to be easy to clean, with mould-resistant seals and runners. You can even buy water-repelling doors which remain free of limescale and water marks. Look at high-end bathroom sites such as for examples.


Modern showers are designed to be incredibly flexible, so finding something to fit into your bathroom is seldom a problem. Doors can open either to the left or right and come in a wide range of sizes. There is scope to fit a shower unit into an unused alcove or guest room with minimal fuss and disruption.

Wet Rooms

Perhaps the most prized of shower options for luxury, style and elegance is a wet-room shower. These are simple to install and consist of just two panels and no tray. Consequently, they are easily adjustable to any size, allowing you to place them exactly where you wish. Wet rooms and walk-in showers are among the top choices for those looking for stylish bathroom options.