How to Make a DIY Bar at Your Home

Coming up with a DIY bar at your home is a very good idea. It may be as simple as setting aside a kitchen cabinet and making it a liquor area or using the basement as an extensive wet bar with most of the amenities. This post is meant to guide you through making a DIY bar in your home, stocking it with the most important contents and getting the right tools for construction. You will also be informed on how to manage the bar.

How to Stock a DIY Bar at your Home

Always remember to stock the type of alcohol that you enjoy. Stock your favorite wine (white and red), beer, liquors and mixers. You might decide to entertain some guests once in a while but remember you and your family might be the only customers most of the time. Over the weekend, mix a cocktail that you enjoy in the company of your friends. When you stock what you like you will be in a position to share your tastes and preferences with your neighbors and friends.

A rule to remember while stocking your bar is to start small and grow slowly. Get what you like and learn how to mix the cocktail ingredients. As you learn more about drinks and how to mix them you may expand your stock.

Stocking does not only involve alcohol. It also has everything to do with garnishes. You may stock lemon, lime, orange wedges, celery stalks, maraschino cherries, fruit juices, olives and ice among many more.

Tools and Materials Used to Build a DIY Bar at Your Home

To construct a home bar successfully, you need several tools. Some of the basic tools include hammer, screws, screwdriver, finish nails, table saw among other essential tools that are contained in a tool bag. Please remember to research online and plan your dream home bar before you get to construction phase. Once you have mapped the dimension of the bar area and you have the plans and the tools, construction becomes easy. Once you have constructed the bar according to the plan, purchase bar accessories such as glassware, stirrers, towels, shakers and mats just to mention but a few.

How to Manage a DIY Bar at Your Home

You need to get enough shelves for better management. These are the storage areas where you display glasses, beer mugs, and liquor bottles. You will also need a shelf to store a tool bag.

Use a refrigerator to manage your bar effectively. A small and under the counter refrigerator is enough for any home bar. A cooler may also act as a substitute. You may also think of beer taps and keg storage. Wine rack will also go a long way in helping you to manage your bar at home.

A counter space is very important in managing preparation of drinks. You may opt for a raised space counter with bar stools or standard-height space.

A DIY bar at home is very easy to make if you carefully follow the research, planning and construction process. When you know how to stock the bar, the right tools and materials to source and finally how to manage it, you already know how to make a successful bar at home.