Top home decor ideas to help you design your dining room

The dining room can easily be considered a space in your home that encourages people to enjoy each others’ company as they share little anecdotes, highlights and lowlights of their day over a bowl of warm stew. You may not realize it but creating a warm and cosy environment in the dining room can not only make your lunches and dinners more enjoyable, it also helps take the overall appeal of your home to an all new level. It is a safe room where you know you can retire to after a hectic, long day at work. Besides, an elegant looking dining room helps create the perfect atmosphere for your guests to mingle with each other, thus making any house party an unforgettable experience. Given below are some easy tips that will help increase the aesthetic appeal of your dining room tenfold.

1.)  Break away from using matching sets:

Agreed, matching keeps things perfect, but sometimes you need to break away from playing safe and instead make bolder moves by selecting tables and chairs of completely different materials. However, it is equally important that you do so very tastefully. Therefore, opt for pieces of furniture that are different from each other, yet complement the entire look. For instance, your table could match the shelves but the chairs need to be different but complementary. This will add a contemporary touch to the dining room and make the area a centre of attention. The spacing is also a very important factor. There should be adequalte space between the chairs, tables and the walls. It will only take away from the beauty of it all if everything is just crammed together.

2.)  Set up a buffet table:

If you tend to organize house parties very often for family and friends, a buffet table along one side of the wall is an excellent idea. It can keep things much cleaner and beautiful looking. In the absence of guests, this buffet table can serve as storage for delicate china, wine glasses and the likes. It helps enhance the aesthetics of the room.

3.)  Soften the look of the room:

It is a known fact that the dining room is filled with solid, durable products that tend to lend a very hardened look to the entire room. Therefore, it is important to give the room some breathing space by softening the look. Complementing works best in this scenario and therefore, to counter this stiffness some light coloured soft accessories can do the trick. A good quality rug, for instance, can instantly lighten up the mood of the dining room. Besides, delicate looking slipcovers for the chairs in a tinge of colour can make all the difference. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to experiment with novel patterns that could brighten up the otherwise monotone dining room.

4.)  Play with the lighting:

If you thought that lighting mattered only in photography, think again. Playing with natural light during the day time by creating reflections with the aid of mirrors can work in your favour. It goes without saying that the mirror will do little to set a mood for the dining room during the after dark hours. Therefore, using delicate looking chandeliers suspended right in the middle of the dining table can work wonders. It can give you the feeling of a safe room. Therefore, you can be extremely flexible when it comes to lighting.

Bringing out your personality into the dining room in the form of tasteful art deco can also be helpful. Adding pieces of home decor like paintings, cutlery and other such ideas from your own personality can also take your dining room to the next level.

Author’s bio:

Melina Gilligan is an interior designer running her own online interior design boutique for the past 5 years. She also offers intensive online courses on interior design which are also certified. She believes in creating a safe room for people on which they can blindly rely.