5 Tips to Save Money On Home Heating

Keeping your home nice and warm in the winter months usually means an expensive heating bill, making it challenging to afford a warmer home. There are quite a few things homeowners can do to lower their heating bills, making it easier to keep the home warm at an affordable rate. Use these three tips to save money on your home's heating bill.

Tip # 1: Winterize the Windows and Doors

Why is your heating bill so high? Have you taken the time to properly winterize your home? Head outside and apply a new layer of caulk around all the windows to help seal up any air leaks. Apply a new layer of weather-stripping to the windows and doors to seal out the air leaks. Older homes are often prone to air leaks more than modern homes.

If you do not have double-paned windows in the home, you will end up with higher energy costs. One option you do have is to use a window kit from your local home improvement store. This kit will include a layer of plastic sheeting that you can secure to the window frame. It needs to be placed about two inches from the window, and it will basically act as an extra window. It will help to trap some of the cold air, preventing it from getting into the home and stopping your warmer air from getting outside. Add door sweeps if you still feel a draft coming into the home around any of the doors.

Tip # 2: Insulation Upgrade

The other reason heating bills skyrocket in the winter is a lack of adequate insulation in the home. Climb into the attic to take a look at how much insulation is left inside. Adding a layer of insulation can help trap the heat in the attic. Depending upon your home, you may qualify for tax credits to receive a new layer of insulation for free.

Tip # 3: Set the Thermostat

Another method of saving on heating costs this winter has to do with the thermostat. For every degree you turn down the thermostat, you will save 3 percent on your home's heating bill. Try to keep it at 68 degrees during the day and around 66 or lower at night. Add an extra blanket or bundle up to stay warmer. Doing so can save you a lot of money and helps to conserve energy. Use a programmable thermostat so you do not need to constantly adjust the temperature settings.

Tip #4: Fix the Ducts

When was the last time you really worked on the air duct system in your home? Make the right repairs to the ductwork to allow air to correctly circulate through the home. It is a wise decision to hire professionals to clean out the air duct system because it can become clogged with a lot of dust. Excess dust will make the heater work harder and increase your energy costs.

Tip #5: Close the Fireplace Damper

A fireplace can help to heat a home in a hurry, but it can also cost you money when it is not in use. Close off the fireplace damper to keep the fire from sucking the heat out of the home and up the chimney.

This article was written by Jared Miret, father and home handyman.  He is excited to help you save money around the house.  He recommends amigoenergy.com as another way to save on bills.