Revamping Your Home with Some New Furniture

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When your house is looking a bit worn and worse for wear, you can easily spruce it up with some new furniture. This can make all the difference and turn a tired home into something cutting edge. If you don't have enough of a budget to buy all new furniture, the Guardian suggests that you give a new lease of life to vintage and salvaged pieces.

In the Living Room
The living room is generally the room in the house that gets the most use, so you really want it to look great. Think of it as your statement room that will show guests the kinds of interior design and furniture that you love. A good sofa or three piece suite will set the stage. While you want it to be stylish, you also want it to be comfortable and inviting, too. If you have walls of a neutral colour, consider getting bright sofas -- such as bright red or deep purple -- but if your walls are bright then a plainer sofa in a complementary or contrasting colour is probably in order. Other key pieces of furniture for the living room are coffee tables, side tables and perhaps some functional storage, such as shelving or boxes.

In the Dining Room
Dining rooms are often overlooked in the modern home, but it's great to have somewhere that the whole family can gather and eat meals together. The main pieces of furniture in the room are going to be tables and chairs. Choose good, sturdy examples that will last you a long time. Consider a quality oak or mahogany table but be sure to pick one of an appropriate size for the room and the amount of people who usually eat at it. There's no point getting a table that seats 10 if you have a family of four and rarely have guests over to eat. Get matching chairs to complete the look. You may also want a Welsh dresser to store and display your good cutlery and crockery.

In the Bedroom
A whole range of options exist for furnishing your bedroom. If you want to go for a simple and modern look, you might want to dial back and have as few furnishings as possible. A low bed, some drawers and a simple wardrobe will do for a functional, yet stylist modern room. However, you can also go for a more fussy and luxurious option. The shabby chic look is big right now, so painted furniture won't go amiss. Placing some quality oak furniture in your bedroom can give it a classy and sophisticated look. Even though it might be a bit expensive this kind of furniture could potentially last for generations, so it offers good value for money in the long run.

How many of us have got some substandard furniture with the assumption that it will be temporary, until we find something better, but ended up keeping it for years? Going through your house room by room and replacing any furniture mistakes can revamp it and give it a whole new look.