What is GAF and Why is it the Queen of All Roofing Products

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Our homes are our most important investment. Roofing products happen to be some of the most costly products related to your home and that's why homeowners are naturally critical when choosing roofing experts. There are probably hundreds of roof experts out there ready to answer your call. However, very few of these roofing contractors are GAF Master Elite Roofers. In fact, only 2-3 % of roofing contractors nationwide fall into this category. Although many roofer use GAF products, most of them don't have the same level of training and expertise as the Master Elite group. GAF is known for offering the best roofing systems on the market today. But what is GAF? Why are so many contractors recommending it and how did its products remained unmatched in the industry?

What if GAF?

When talking about roofing contractors and materials, GAF is usually the first thing that will come to mind. GAF Materials Corporation is a company that focuses on manufacturing roofing materials for commercial and residential clients. GAF stands for General Aniline & Film. The company is based in New Jersey and is now the biggest roofing manufacturer in North America. It's residential roofing products/services are as follows: asphalt roofing shingles, roof leak barriers, TruSlate roofing, Roof deck protection, Roof felt, Underlayment, Ridge cap roofing shingles, attic vents roof ventilation, roof accessory paint, starter strip roofing shingles, and low slope membrane roofing. On the other hand, its commercial roofing products/services are: built-up roofing (BUR) systems, single ply roofing systems, modified bitumen roofing systems, TPO roofing systems, Garden roofing, Liquid roofing membrane, Roofing insulation, roof fasteners, and cement coatings and adhesives.

Why their products remain superior in the industry today?

GAF’s website sums up its values as advanced quality, industry expertise, and solutions made simple. As what is apparent from their current success, these values have definitely propelled them to their status. However, aside from remarkable dedication to their passion, GAF was observed by many to be dedicated in giving the best service to their clients, not just in terms of functionality but aesthetics as well. While most roof material manufacturers focus on the functional and structural aspects of roof systems, GAF was noted to be passionate about making people’s roofs the crowning glory of their homes. This is why many homeowners refer to GAF products as the Queen of all roofing products. Queen as opposed to king due to the sheer beauty of their products. Most contractors attest that aside from being true professionals, the GAF team has a real passion toward beautifying people’s homes and businesses with gorgeous, sturdy and durable roofing. Lastly, GAF offers the best warranty in the industry today, making their clients more secured and guaranteed about their roofs.

Roof issues are some of the most expensive to deal with at home. Knowing good roof material manufacturers like GAF does a lot in helping people lessen the nonetheless avoidable expenses on issues with substandard roofing systems and substandard contractors who do not use GAF products.

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