DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips From A Roofing Contractor's picture

While some home maintenance procedures are easy for most homeowners, there are some that are too technical for many of us. Considering the number of DIY (do it yourself) information all over the internet today, more and more homeowners are being empowered to perform home repairs and improvements on their own. However, while DIY projects can save us a lot of money, they do not always guarantee quality outputs. When it comes to gutter maintenance for example, some homeowners beleive it is better to call in the experts. They want a true guarantee that their gutter problems will not reoccur overtime. When it comes to gutter maintenance, the easiest way to ensure a good gutter is regular gutter cleaning. Calling in the experts will of course give you more peace of mind. Most experts will nonetheless advise you that DIY is indeed possible when it comes to gutter cleaning and that you just need to care for your gutters as often as you can to prevent problems. So to help you care for your gutter better, here are a few expert tips you need to keep in mind:

Safety first - Before you can actually ensure flawless gutter performance, you first need to ensure your safety. Cleaning gutters means you will have to climb a ladder so you could sweep and scoop all the debris that could possible clog the downspout. Choose a ladder that is of a sufficient height so that it will be easy for your to lean forward and see all the debris you need to clean. Also, always ask somebody to hold and watch the bottom of the ladder for you, regardless how sturdy you believe your ladder is.

Sweep the accessible areas of the roof first - Before cleaning the gutters, you need to first make sure that there is no debris on the roof that will likely be swept down by rain or wind. Cleaning the gutter without cleaning the roof first is a waste of time and effort as debris will keep on falling on the gutters if you will not keep them off the roof.

Sweep and scoop larger debris - Carefully adjust your positioning on the ladder and sweep and scoop out larger debris from the gutter. Usual debris includes dried leaves, nuts, as well as fallen fruits from trees and dead insects and animals.

Use a water blower with normal pressure (30-40 psi) - When water-blowing all the debris in the gutter, you need to make sure that the pressure is not too strong to loosen any screw or spike. Hence, before using a pressure water blower, check the force and make sure it is between 30-40 psi. A pressure water blower will be useful to clean out all debris that will nonetheless be difficult to clean out by hand.

After cleaning all visible debris, let water flow and check the downspout - After cleaning the gutters, you now need to check for downspout clogging. Apply water and let it flow down the spout. In some cases, there may be clogs that are difficult or too disgusting for some homeowners to remove. If this is the case for you, you may call in an expert contactor to help you out.

Gutter cleaning is part of being a responsible homeowner. Any serious attempt at a successful roof design requires establishing gutter cleaning as an integral part of the roofing system. It is our responsibility to make sure that parts of the house like gutters are working well in order to prevent more serious issues. For more serious gutter problems however, our trusty gutter experts are always there to help us out.

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