A Battle of Titans: Fracking Versus Nuclear

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As the world’s population grows and many of the major economies around the world are slowly coming out of the recessionary hangover that they have experienced over the last several years, the question about energy sources is becoming more and more important. Different countries have tackled the issue in different ways, all of them trying to come up with long-term solutions that will provide plenty of power for their local economy without having to rely on outside sources. Here in the UK, the two most controversial solutions are fracking and nuclear power. Both have their positive aspects, but they both have vocal scores of detractors who are vehemently opposed to one or both solutions. But the UK is beginning to enter what very much appears to be a domestic energy crisis, and some solutions need to be found.

The Promise and Problems of Fracking

Just like the popular dance craze, the Twist, in the 1960s, everybody’s doing it. Except not so much in the UK. In countries such as the United States and China, there is plenty of land and many locations which are far from populated areas, where this controversial process can be performed. Although the process has been around for several decades, it has recently come into favour around the world thanks to a new method of drilling, called horizontal drilling, which, as the name implies, allows drilling companies to approach a site from just about any angle. There are definitely concerns about polluting the underground water table, since the process uses a lot of very harsh chemicals to break up the shale rock. However, in remote areas this is nowhere near the concern that it is near a residential area. In the UK, it holds the promise of being able to provide large amounts of natural gas, unfortunately at the expense of the peace of mind of any residents that happen to be nearby.

Going Nuclear

France is engaged in a massive deployment of nuclear power facilities. That’s not to say that we necessarily have to follow the lead of the French. (When was the last time we did that, anyway? Okay, maybe champagne and Roquefort cheese.) In fact, the government has recently signed an agreement with French and Chinese firms to build two new nuclear reactors close to two older ones that have already been decommissioned. Most people seem to have an inherent fear of nuclear reactors, which is probably augmented by the disasters that happened in Japan a few years back after their famous tsunami. But with modern technology lending a hand, nuclear power plants can be quite safe and provide plenty of energy.

Using Your Gas Wisely

Until things get sorted out, there’s a good chance that your gas bill will continue to increase, due to the increased demand. The best thing you can do is to make sure that all of your equipment, especially your boiler, is running at peak efficiency. This means having a regular maintenance program in place and replacing any unit that might be too old to maintain properly. You can rely on CityGasServices to provide you with the best service and professional expertise to meet any of your needs.