Things to keep in mind for a clean kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where most family members spend their time. Whether it is cooking, eating or doing homework, the kitchen is used for a variety of uses. Because the kitchen is so busy, it can become quite dirty very easily. Because of this, it is important to keep the kitchen picked up and spotless. There are many ways to do this but if you adopt certain steps into your routine, you will easily be able to get your kitchen in order in no time!

Create Homework Area

If your children do their homework in the kitchen, create a separate working area. You can hang up an organization chart or add bins to keep backpacks and homework items. This way, you kids have somewhere to place their things so they will not be in the way. Be sure to teach your children where to set their things when they arrive home and to clean up their paperwork or books after completing homework and this will keep the area clean.

What Comes in Belongs In

A great rule to remember in the kitchen or in any room of the home is that what comes in the room must belong in the room. We are all guilty of stuffing items into drawers or cabinets just for the sake of cleaning up. This is not really cleaning up as now you have more junk in the room that doesn’t belong. If you adopt this rule you will be able to have a clean kitchen that is not overfilled with items that do not belong.

Everything in its place

Another great rule to remember is that everything has a place. From the dishes to pots and pans, take the time to plan out your kitchen. When you have a set place for every item, you are easily able to put dishes away and keep the kitchen nice and tidy.

Cleaning Appliances

Appliances such as the refrigerator and microwave should be cleaned on a regular basis. To easily clean the microwave, take white vinegar and warm it up for about a minute or two. Then simply wipe the microwave down! It’s that easy! The outside of the refrigerator should be cleaned every week alongside the inside. However, most people do not have time or the energy to clean the inside of the fridge every week. At the very least, take the time to wipe up any messes so that you can work on the refrigerator when you have time to alleviate the time spent on cleaning. The oven is another area that is usually neglected and should be cleaned on a regular basis. When you have a free day each month, spray an oven cleaner on your oven early one morning and let it sit, then wipe down. Plan on not cooking that day, at least not with the oven, so you have all day to clean up if you need to. Overall your kitchen will be clean and tidy if you work hard to wipe down the counters and appliances as well as put items away. If you keep your countertops de-cluttered you will also have the appearance of a cleaner kitchen, so take the time to clear the space as well! With a little time, effort and planning, you can have a clean kitchen all the time! For more great promo codes, check roomba discount code.