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If you are a homeowner you spent a great deal of money when you purchased your home and then even more money remodeling and upgrading your home. This is why your home's security is crucial and must be taken very seriously . Regardless if you are living alone or with a family, it will be natural for you to want a reliable security system for your home in order to protect yourself and your belongings from unwanted break-ins. Perhaps one of the easiest security precaution a homeowner can take is calling the local locksmith and installing high quality locks. These locks need to be more reliable than the traditional locks that can now be easily picked. However, given the many options when it comes to home security systems today, which lock system actually offers guaranteed protection? Are there locks that have keys that cannot be easily duplicated and cylinders that can't be picked?

What is a key-card lock?

Unlike traditional doorknobs that have keys than can be easily duplicated by any locksmith, key-card locks are a security system where a unique access card serves as key. Some key-cards work by swiping them into a keyhole on a special key-card-accessible doorknob. While some work simply by tapping the card into a magnetic scanner. Key-cards also serve as identification in most corporate establishments today. A database of names and key-card identification will be uploaded into a system, through which the magnetic scanner will connect. It will match the key-card’s identification with what is in the database, giving key-card holders a more secure access to these private establishments.

Advantages – Is this good for residential application too?

The problem with the traditional key-and-doorknob security measure is that when your key gets lost or stolen, the thief could just easily have it duplicated, and then enter your property when it is most vulnerable. This is what the key-card security system tries to eliminate. It is a more advanced security feature, which has the ability to identify the particular owners of the access cards through a pass-code. Hence, thieves will have to steal your access cards and your pass-codes too – which will be nearly impossible. This could work by assigning each family member with one key-card each. Aside from the identification system through the magnetic scanner, you can also improve security by adding a pass-code or a fingerprint scan to the key-card access. Hence, aside from being a more secure option for corporate establishments and businesses, the key-card lock system proves to be very applicable for residential use as well. Nowadays, aside from forceful break in, the things people worry about are thieves who know when to attack and steal door keys from homeowners. Without key-card lock systems, these offenders can easily have the door keys duplicated and break in when the home is most unguarded.

Security will always be an important aspect in supporting a household. As a responsible homeowner, it is your obligation to make sure your family and property are safe from these unwanted break in, because not only will your investments be put to risk, the lives of your family members can also be jeopardized. considering how resourceful thieves have become today, homeowners need to learn more about advanced security systems, like the key-card lock system, to better protect their loved ones and properties.

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Written By Bobby Rose: on 11/18/2013