Best Ways to Thief-Proof Your Windows

Roughly 2 million home burglaries are reported every year in the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation states that home burglaries are the single most common threat to homes and roughly 30 percent of all home burglaries occur through a window or door. There are several common sense things you can do to safeguard your home, such as ensuring that doors and windows are always locked and making sure that your doors and windows are in good shape and can’t easily be manipulated.

But the aforementioned are just a starting point to truly thief-proofing your home, especially when it comes to the more afterthought appliances like your windows. With that being said, here’s a look at some ways to burglarproof your windows to ensure you’re not leaving any security gaps within your home:

Reinforced glass: One way to thief-proof your home’s windows is by making them more difficult to break. This can be accomplished with reinforced windows, such as laminated glass or acrylic plastic windows, each of which are up to 10 times stronger than conventional windows. Another, more expensive type is the polycarbonate window – which is up to 250 times more impact resistant than your everyday, typical window.

Window bars: Although some might feel that window bars are unsightly, they can be designed and installed to compliment window and home appearance. They also make for a great thief deterrent. They install on the outside of the home over the window. The window can still be broken, even with window bars installed, but the bars prohibit a potential thief from gaining access to the home. Again, while many homeowners feel they make the home resemble a prison, such bars can also be custom made to really compliment the façade of a home.

Window alarms: You’ve heard of home security alarms, but have you heard of window alarms? Specifically, these sensors can easily be installed on just about any type of window and they work by sounding an alarm or siren whenever the window is opened or broken. This alarm alerts anyone in the home that there could be an intruder, allowing him to take action, and also helps to scare the would-be thief away by drawing attention to the situation at hand. Window alarms are affordable and come in all different types of varieties, such as remote monitoring and motion sensing options. If you want to take these alarms a step further, consider placing a small sticker on all of your first-floor windows stating that they’re security protected.

Special locks: The easiest and most affordable way to safeguard your windows is by installing enhanced special locks on them. The likes of vinyl and deadbolt locks can usually be purchased at your local hardware store and installed with minimum hassle. For extra window security, consider installing deadbolt locks so that they can be seen from the outside of your home. This could prevent a break in before it is even attempted.

Another ideal way to burglarproof your windows is simply by keeping your yard kept up, specifically in the way of your bushes, hedges and other landscaping. That’s because if your landscaping blocks your windows, not only does it provide break-in security for would-be thieves, but it doesn’t allow you to have sight lines toward what’s happening outside your home. So make sure your bushes and trees are trimmed and don’t block your outside sight lines.