Who Needs a Cargo Lift?

Home automation is meant to make life easier for you – it can enhance not only the value of your property but will also improve overall quality of life for you. People living in the city of Houston have found that cargo lifts are a simple but effective home improvement and automation tactic. They can be quite quick and easy to install – some people opt to make this a do-it-yourself project whereas others prefer to get cargo lifts installed by professionals.  We look at all the different ways a cargo lift can be useful:

For any multi level dwelling

Any house or office with more than one level could benefit from having a cargo lift installed. When you come home already tired and laden down with shopping bags or groceries, the last thing you want to do is lug all that stuff up a flight of stairs. With a lift installed you don’t have to. The lift helps you carry down the trash, transport luggage and other gear up and down the stairs effortlessly and safely. And in case Houston is hit by one of its frequent tornadoes or floods, you can quickly and efficiently move important items to the higher floors.  

For beach front or lakeside properties

Houston cargo lifts have become particularly popular among people that own beach front properties. You want to get away to the beach to relax and unwind and probably don’t want to be bothered by the task of having to lug a bunch of heavy gear up and down stairs. Similarly, people with multilevel lake front properties also find cargo lifts to be a convenient labor saving option.

For hill dwellings

Though Houston is about as flat as it gets, cargo lifts have caught on in other surrounding hilly areas as well. Typically houses in the hills are multilevel dwellings since flat land is at such a premium. So in these areas as well, installing lifts can be very handy.

For seniors and people with medical conditions

Older people can find it difficult to lift up heavy items. Climbing with heavy items is even more difficult. Not only that, it increases the chances of falling and disability. The heavy smog conditions in Houston have given rise to a number of respiratory ailments among its residents. Breathlessness is sure to get aggravated with having to use the stairs. Lifting heavy items is also a no-no for people with back problems and similar medical conditions. For such individuals a multilevel home may mean they have to relocate. However installing a lift could give them the option of continuing to live in a comfortable and familiar home as against having to move homes and having to adjust to a new place.

For rearranging furniture

So you don’t think you need that chair in the corner of your second floor bedroom and feel that it would be better to have it your home office on the first floor. Or there is a storm warning, and want to relocate some of your stuff to a more secure place in your home. A cargo lift can come in handy to save a lot of back breaking work.

A cargo lift can be installed in practically any multilevel dwelling – it doesn’t take up very much space and is quite quick to install. Remote control operation and lockable features make cargo lifts a convenient and secure option.


This article has been written by Sarika Periwal.