Garage Storage Ideas For Storing Smaller Items

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An incredible misuse of space occurs when you allow your garage to become a cluttered catch-all for the overflow of stuff that doesn't fit into your interior storage space. Garage storage can be the solution to dilemmas such as where to store sports equipment or where to put lawn and garden equipment and season items such as holiday decorations. A garage can also provide a useful and purposeful workspace. In order to maximize the benefits of having a garage, you will need to establish an organizational system designed for the items you plan to store there.

Seville Classics is an example of a site where you can find an abundance of organizational items, shelving, hooks, workbenches and stools that will help you get the most benefit from your garage space. A combination of rolling shelves and stationary shelving units can be quite helpful. Organizational hooks are great for utilizing vertical space and for taking advantage of even the smallest amount of wall space.

If, at some point in the future, you decide to sell your home, potential buyers will be very impressed when they see a spacious, well organized garage area. An organized space looks more spacious than a cluttered area. This is true for interior storage areas such as cabinets and closets. When you're shopping for garage organizers, you may want to get a few shelves and hooks to use to organize all of your interior storage spaces.

Ways of storing those small items are garage storage ideas that will help keep your garage organized. There are many different types of containers that are great for storing small items. Some can be purchased and others may be found lying around your home.

If you are storing smaller things like nuts and bolts, a drawer storage organizer is a great storage unit to own. This is particular true when you have several different units of an item ( a specific type of bolt). You can store each different type of item in a drawer and label the drawer to make the item easier to find. The drawer storage organizer can be mounted out of the way either on a wall, or simply set on a shelf or bench. Drawer Storage organizers can be purchased at most hardware stores and come in variety of different sizes.

A great garage storage idea for storing smaller items is to use old salsa jars. You can pull the label off of the jar so that its contents are very visible. The great thing about the salsa jar is that the metal lid can be mounted underneath a shelf. When you want to remove the salsa jar, you simply twist the glass salsa jar from the metal lid. The salsa jar is a great was to store loose items that you do not have but one or two of many different items.

Although not one of my favorites, egg cartons are another way of storing small items. Each egg holder of the carton can be used to store things. The biggest problem with egg containers is that if they get knocked over, all the contents get mixed together. Egg cartons are not very sturdy and will wear out overtime.

One of my favorite household containers to use for storage is a muffin pan. These come in really handy to store things if you are taking apart things with small parts. You can simply put the parts in the muffin pan and you have several separate areas to put things and that makes it easier to keep things separated.

Last but not least in garage storage ideas for smaller items are hand cleaner containers. These plastic containers are great because they do by break easily and they have a pretty secure locking lid. Just make sure you rinse out any hand cleaner left in the container. Otherwise, it can be quiet icky.