Streamlining for the Big Move: How to Downsize Unwanted Goods When Moving Home

Moving home is an exciting phase for all the family, but it ain’t half stressful, especially if you have years and mountains of memories and belongings to sift through before calling in removals. But decluttering doesn’t have to be as chaotic as you think, with these top tips you can streamline your household goods without losing your marbles!

Plan to Perfection

As a professional declutterer, I would certainly recommend having a plan before you start out on your organisation mission. Always be realistic when it comes to creating this plan especially when it comes to defining timescales, after all, whilst you may want to ‘get it over with’ in one weekend, chances are you will need a 2-3 weekends to organise the average family home. It is recommended that you take on decluttering in 3 – 4 hour sessions over a couple of weeks before the big move itself to make it more of a light workload than a mammoth task.

Work from room to room to make light of heavy work, but don’t move on to the next until each is completely clutter-free!

Be Clear When Sorting Trash from Treasure

Humans are hoarders by nature but it is important that you work against this natural instinct to declutter your home efficiently. This sentiment has never been truer when it comes to our wardrobes but it is essential that you keep a firm head on your shoulders and avoid listening to your heart when judging whether to take clothes that haven’t been worn for years. Why spend money moving or storing clothes that you will never wear again? Pay a visit to your local charity shop and give away unwanted clothing.

The Golden Rule of Decluttering

Whether you are sorting clothing, household gadgets or garden furniture, always ask yourself honestly ‘do I really need this?’ If the answer is ‘no’, dispose of it in the correct way, either via a salvage service, recycling centre or local charity shop, or simply hire a skip to dispose of any unwanted goods that are damaged beyond repair. Friends, family and neighbours may also be happy to take any unwanted items off your hands; alternatively, you can make money from items by selling them on eBay or Craigslist.

According to a recent survey, just one in three items that we consider ‘personal belongings’ are needed, wanted or have sentimental value.

After the Move

It’s not just before you depart that your belongings should undergo a thorough decluttering. After the move itself and upon arrival in your new home take some time to organise your belongings, getting rid of any unwanted goods that may have slipped through the net. This is particularly essential if you are downsizing as there may not simply be enough space to accommodate your previous belongings.

Seeing your belongings in their new surroundings may cause you to re-evaluate what’s important, whilst quickly shedding light on those that are not so important in the next chapter of life in your new home.

Brittany Thorley is a home and garden blogger. By day, she works for Cheshire Demolition and Excavation , a salvage and reclamation firm that has helped many home and business owners declutter their properties.