10 Things You Should Know About Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can be an attractive and practical solution for all your window treatment needs. They help to control glare, they take up less space and they can be surprisingly affordable. Read on to find out why roller blinds are a great choice for any home or dwelling space.

1. Versatile

Roller blinds are available in a wide range of attractive designs and colors to suit your décor and colour scheme. They can be fitted on to any window and can be kept fully open, fully closed or partially open as required.

2. Private

Roller blinds close down completely in a way that protects your privacy. This makes them a great choice for bedrooms and so on.

3. Economical

Roller blinds can be surprisingly economical. They are not expensive to buy, and can be installed quite easily and without much expertise. In addition, they are easy to maintain and clean, which translates to low recurring and cleaning costs.

4. Sleek

Roller blinds can be sleek and unobtrusive. They can occupy much less space than heavy, bulky curtains. This can be very valuable for a room with smaller dimensions; when space is at a premium.  

5. Customisable

It is possible to customise roller blinds to your exact requirements. Not only can you pick out the design and colour you want, you can also pick the type of fabric quality you need. The blinds can then be made to order, following the exact size and specifications you require.

6. Fire retardant

For reasons of safety as well, roller blinds are a good idea. It is possible to order roller blinds made from fire retardant materials. This can be very important for areas such as the kitchen, the children's bedroom and so on.

7. Black out blinds

Nothing helps cut out the glare quite like roller blinds. Since they fit on to a window exactly, they don’t leave out any chinks or spaces. They are able to block out light more effectively. So if you're someone who enjoys snoozing in the morning, pick blackout blinds. They are a very good choice for rooms that face the direct sun or for bedrooms and children's rooms.

8. Anti bacterial

Roller blinds can be resistant to bacteria and fungi. This helps create a healthier indoor environment. This can be particularly useful in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

9. Water resistant

Unlike drapes and curtains which can get wet and may then need cleaning, roller blinds can be water resistant. This makes great sense for kitchen window treatments. Water resistant bathroom roller blinds are a great idea too.  

10. Easy to maintain

Since roller blinds can be water resistant, they are easy to maintain and to keep clean. You can prevent buildup of dirt and grime on roller blinds. Whereas curtains may need regular laundering which can be expensive, water resistant blinds can simply be wiped clean.

So when you look at all the various advantages of roller blinds it is easy to see why they can make sound sense for any dwelling space.


About the Author:

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