5 Natural Pest Control Solutions for Your Home This Season

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No one wants to live with a pest infestation. However, choosing harsh chemical pesticides is not always an attractive solution. Check out these 5 natural pest control solutions that will rid your home of pests without the fear of harming your home or the environment.

1. Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous earth is a powder made up of the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. It is a natural substance that actually exists in many of our grain-based foods but is deadly to many types of pests.

The small powdered particles are abrasive to the delicate exoskeletons of insects and have dehydrating properties that absorb lipids from the waxy film protecting their shells. Once that protective layer is penetrated, the insects die from dehydration.

It can be used as an effective pest control agent against common household pests including bed bugs, dust mites, cockroaches, ants, and fleas. Simply sprinkle the powder in infested areas around the house. Clean up just requires a quick vacuum over the powdered areas.

2. Citrus Spray
Most spiders are harmless and even desirable in the house because they eat insects. However, if you suffer from an unwanted spider infestation, one natural and safe trick is to mix up a solution of citrus and water.

Add lemon or lime juice to water in a spray bottle, and simply spritz doorways, windowsills, and countertops with the solution. For spiders in the garden, sprinkle lemon, lime, or orange peels to ward them off. The spiders will stay away, and you will be left with a fresh citrus scent in your home.

3. Vinegar
Vinegar is a great tool to use against an ant infestation. Concoct a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, and wipe down your countertops and other surfaces where you have seen ants. The vinegar destroys the scent trails left by scout ants, effectively warding off ants from finding your food again.

4. Borax & Sugar
A borax-sugar mixture is an effective way to ward off and eliminate cockroaches. Similar to diatomaceous earth and commercial roach pesticides, borax dehydrates the cockroaches’ exoskeletons.

Combine with sugar to attract the pests, then sit back and relax as this natural pesticide makes quick work of them. Mix three parts borax to one part sugar, and spray around your house in affected areas. Just don’t forget to clean up the carnage after it is all over.

5. Keep it Clean
Finally, one of the best ways to keep pests from making their homes in your house is to keep it clean. Regularly remove trash, wash dirty dishes, and wipe down counters and tables. Most pests are attracted by the rich food sources in your home, so eliminate the temptation by always cleaning up.

Store ripe fruit in your refrigerator, seal flour and grains in plastic or air-tight containers, and pick up any food or crumbs lying around the house or kitchen. Not only will your home be pest-free, but you will be stress-free from such a clean and welcoming environment.

Unfortunately, not all natural pest solutions will do the trick. Sometimes, larger infestations are out of our control, and it is best to call in the professionals. From pest control in Dallas, to Long Island exterminators, there are experts that can help you across the country. Look up your local professionals to find pest control solutions in your area.

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