The Advantages of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Of the many kinds of materials that are available today for the construction of furniture, teak is mostly overlooked. This stunning wood of tropical origin adds character as well as beauty to your outdoor design through blending nature as well as man-made elements which offer an outstanding aesthetic presentation to any patio. If you’re planning to purchase outdoor furniture, you should check out teak outdoor furniture as the benefits of using these furniture exceed the drawbacks. Below are a few benefits of teak outdoor furniture.


While teak furniture offers a number of advantages, the most attractive benefit is its durability. This is one factor that makes it apposite for use as garden furniture. Teak is grown in rainforests in Central Asia where it has to withstand tough environmental conditions. Growing in rainforests this wood becomes saturated with high content of natural oils in order to protect itself from moisture. These oils help it fight insects, mold, mildew as well as other types of fungi. The most interesting thing is that teak continues to be saturated with these natural oils even when it becomes old and dies.


Unlike other woods where you have to spend a lot of time with oils and cleaners trying to keep it looking elegant and evade cracking, this furniture will take care of itself. The wood in this furniture possesses high content of oils, which means it will take good care of itself. Even if you do not treat teak furniture with any wood oil or spray, teak wood won’t show structural cracks. And due to the natural oils in the wood, it polishes itself to the shine.


Outdoor furniture is usually made from teak wood because it is weatherproof. The natural oils that the wood possesses repel water naturally, meaning items constructed from this wood are not likely to rot or rust. This is true even when the pieces are not covered with the waterproof stains. These waterproofing benefits are what make teak furniture an excellent choice for your patio furniture.


Teak furniture isn’t just durable and sturdy, but also very attractive with rich warm tones. Its beauty can attract anybody's heart and it doesn’t require regular cleaning compared to other wooden furnishings. Its natural color and texture is already great. You’ll enjoy glancing at the natural lines on the wood and how a warm color makes a great combination on your courtyard. Annual coating of teak oil can enhance the beauty even more.


As you shop for garden furniture, you will notice that most of the higher quality pieces are constructed from teak wood. Makers obtain their wood from various countries but the two that are known for producing top quality wood are Indonesia and Thailand.

While teak outdoor furniture is typically expensive to buy, the investment will last for many generations. The warm tone of of this wood goes well with many different decors. Also, it requires less maintenance to keep the finish looking beautiful. These factors can make purchasing teak garden furniture an excellent choice for most homeowners.