3 Hot Tub Care Tips Homeowners Can't Ignore

Keeping your hot tub in great shape is not only a great idea for your continued enjoyment but it is also important from a health and safety point of view.

Here are three essential care tips that hot tub owners simply can’t ignore if they want to avoid any problems.

Successful chemistry management

One of the common areas where a lot of hot tub owners can come up short is when it comes to taking care of the chemicals. A common issue is when there is more than one person taking responsibility for managing the chemical levels, which can lead to either overuse of chemicals or inadequate frequency of checks, as one person has assumed that the other person has already done the job.

The chemical balance of the water in your hot tub is important for a number of reasons and a simple solution to ensure that everything is done in a timely manner or not duplicated, would be to keep a journal or diary nearby so that any person carrying out some maintenance can put a quick note for the next person to see.

It is not just the chemical balance that needs regular attention, but your hot tub filters should also be checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, so keeping a record of everything that you do will help to avoid an errors or missing a scheduled maintenance event.

Regularly clean your cover

This is the part of the hot tub that often gets neglected and missed but the cover is an essential part of the overall kit and needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Looking after your hot tub cover, especially during the cold winter months, will pay dividends with prolonged protection from the elements and reduced wear and tear.

Keep leaves and other debris off the cover and aim to clean the cover about every 1-3 months with a non-abrasive cleaner and then apply an oil-free protectant, so you can keep it I properly moisturized and prevent any UV damage, meaning it will look good through many years of use.

Drain and clean regularly

Probably one of the most important care tips to remember is to make sure that you drain and clean your hot tub at least every 3-4 months and no longer. If you picture your hut tub as though it were a giant bath, you would not leave the tub filled with the same water for all the family to use for anything like that period of time.

Draining and cleaning your hot tub water on a frequent basis serves a dual purpose, it keeps your water and your enjoyment of the hot tub at the highest level of standards and it also ensure that your friends and family who may use the hot tub with, manage to stay healthy and enjoy their experience.

All of these tips are essential for keeping your hot tub in great shape and it will also help to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of it.