Smart Technology: The Key to a More Energy Efficient Life

Smart technology has transformed, and is continuing to transform, modern life in more ways than we could ever have imagined. Most modern technology is created with the purpose of making our lives more efficient—getting from A to B quicker, being able to do more on your phone, cleaning the house more efficiently—so it is only natural that there would eventually be technology available that would help us to live more energy efficient lives. Here are just a few of the ways in which technology is helping us give our homes an eco-friendly makeover.

Smart Heating and Cooling

One of the main things that has most changed our energy consumption as a community is the evolution of smart technology at home. Just about every aspect of our home is now under greater control than ever before, and one example of this is heating and cooling. Even the most basic thermostats now have options that allow you to set specific times for when the heating/air-conditioning turns on and off, but more advanced thermostats are now available that can almost think for themselves. These will not only adjust to your daily habits—even allowing for the weekend—but they are also controllable by your iPhone from anywhere.

Lighting Control

There are some home automation companies that will even take it one step further to make your home energy efficient. Vivint automation allows you to control not only your house temperature, but also your lighting with your smartphone, using a free app. This means that you can go on vacation, for example, and not have to worry about leaving your lights on by accident, or you could even turn them on and off on purpose for security reasons. You can even check your house using smart cameras that send a feed to your phone.

Renewable Energy

For a long time, renewable energy was seen as too expensive, and too unreliable to use at home. However, great strides have been made in recent years, and wind and solar power is now incredibly affordable, and much more reliable. Many companies offer systems that still connect to the main grid, so that you can make your own energy much of the time, and when it is not sunny or windy enough, you can use conventional power.

Cool Gadgets

As well as these standard ways of saving energy with smart technology, there are a number of lesser known projects that will also help you to be more eco-friendly at home. One example is the Water Pebble, which will monitor the length of your daily shower, and help you to cut back on the amount of time spent, and thus water wasted. Another one is the Dyson Hot and Cool, which will adjust the temperature of the room that it is in automatically. This means that, if you spend a lot of time in just one room, you can save the energy that it would take to heat the whole house or apartment in which you live.