High Water Bill? 5 Ways to Detect a Leak

You will know exactly how it feels when a deceptively large bill comes your way and you have no idea how it got that way. One of the most common problems of this type occurs in your water bill. There are many reasons as to why your water bill can see disproportionately high to what you consider your usage to be. Before you callout experts check below to see some of the main causes which could be costing you dearly.

Dripping Faucet

An unusually high water bill can come about because of many reasons and can often go unnoticed for long periods of time resulting in a scary bill. One of the most common reasons for a large bill could stem from a leaky appliance in your household. A dripping faucet left unnoticed can result in up to 20 gallons of water wasted in a single day and sometimes double your water usage. In order for this problem to be fixed properly, it is advisable to call in specialists in order to fix the problem. I recommend using Permanex Plumbing for all your needs.

Leaky Toilets

The most common cause for your large water bill could be stemming from a problem with your toilet. This can due to a leak in the piping somewhere or a continually running toilet, you would be surprised that this is not always as detectable as it sounds. There are many ways you can solve this problem, however finding the cause can be difficult at times and the need for plumbing expertise can be needed. I recommend Permanex Plumbing, some of the best Plumbers Balham can toast about, and also some of the best plumbers in the Greater London area.

Extra House Guests

Have you had people staying over recently? Have the kids been in the house more because of school holidays? This can be the cause of an abnormality in your water usage; accounting for extra people in your household can often be overlooked, as it is not an everyday occurrence for you. However the extra water consumption can result in a high bill come the end of the month.

Summer Weather?

A change in weather can result in your bill increasing, the extra use of water for showers to cool down or for any extra gardening you may be doing in the summer months. Generally during the summer many people see a rise in their water usage.

Underground leaks

This is one of the harder causes to find, but high water bill could be the result of an underground leakage beneath. If you feel that this is the case then look for any wet spots in your garden that could show signs that a leak has occurred.