Tips for Tradesmen: Maintaining Your Industrial Batteries for Reliability and Longevity

Maintaining the life of your industrial batteries on site is an essential part of having the right tools to finish the job at hand, however, the majority of trade professionals we encountered had no or very limited knowledge about the battery maintenance they need to complete regularly to ensure their machinery can work efficiently and reliably.

Replacing industrial batteries can be a very expensive job but with the right know-how about basic maintenance, correct charging and servicing, you can avoid this cost for that bit longer and keep all your equipment on site running how it should be.

Charging Your Industrial Battery Pack

When charging batteries for industrial equipment and tools, avoid putting these devices on charge overnight at the end of every shift, instead batteries should be charged only when necessary and should only be removed once they have been charged to full capacity. However, it is also important that you avoid completely discharging these lithium or industrial alkaline batteries as this can have a very negative effect on the lifespan of the product.

It may be an idea to keep a charge log so that every tradesman on site can be clued up on when equipment has been charged and indicate when the battery must be charged once more.

Maintaining Water Levels

Water level maintenance is an essential part of improving the battery life of custom battery packs and alkaline batteries. Water levels in industrial batteries ensure that the plates that are essential to battery function don’t dry out and become inactive. Dried out plates may result in full battery replacement so it is important that battery water is kept at the correct levels. Over filling water levels also has its problems and is the primary cause of corrosion in industrial batteries, again this should be avoided.

Servicing Your Batteries

Regular battery servicing is highly recommended, especially when troubleshooting problems that can be easily avoided but cause permanent damage, shorten battery lifespan and pose various health and safety issues if left unresolved. Aim for prevention instead of cure to extend the life of your industrial batteries and plan ahead for a productive day.

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