How To Get The Most From Your Office Space

To get the most out of yourself and your staff, ensure there is plenty of organised, dedicated space in your place of work. By putting in some careful thought at the outset, you can increase productivity just by putting things in the right place. This article suggests some ways to get started.

Plan Ahead

-       Think about what you will use the space for
-       Consider how people will move around the room
-       Draw yourself a floor plan (to scale)

A floor plan could save you a lot of time and effort and make sure you get your office space right first time. Make sure it is to scale and you will be able to move 'furniture' around and highlight potential sticking points before the real furniture arrives. Don't forget to include power points etc in your plan.


Just as your personal style speaks volumes about you, so too will your office furniture tell customers a lot about your brand. Spend some time thinking about what your brand represents and shop accordingly. Many companies sell ranges of contemporary office furniture, for 'young,' 'trendy' brands and at the other end of the spectrum, it is possible to buy very traditional styles, if that is what your brand requires.

Things to consider include:

-       Colour
-       Fabric
-       Purpose
-       Position

Twenty-First Century

Assuming most businesses now would like to see themselves as modern, you might be looking to maximise space in an open-plan office. High quality and contemporary office furniture is only half the battle.

Do you need to include noise-proofing/limiting? This is often a factor in an open-plan office where several people might be talking at once. It might be that all you need is carpet rather than hard flooring, but look into it at the planning stage.

Think about how often customers will see this space. If they need their own space, ensure it has:
-       A comfortable seating area
-       Drinks/snacks available
-       Access to toilets

Furniture Required

Chairs are one of the most important items of furniture for your office and it should not be a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Back problems are one of the biggest reasons employees take sick leave, so prevention is key. Factor in:
-       Ergonomic desk chairs
-       Stackable chairs
-       Meeting/conference seating
Desks come in a range of designs, too, dependent on the purpose they need to serve.


Now that you have chosen high quality and contemporary office furniture that will get fantastic results from your team, don't forget to plan ahead again. Make sure you know what will happen if and when you need to expand. There are free tools online or with office planning firms that will help you predict how much additional space you might need in the future and when.

There is clearly a lot to think about when embarking on designing your new office space. Perhaps the most important thing that has not yet been mentioned is budget. Although not as fun, it should be defined first and stuck to!


Tom Campbell writes regularly on style-related topics for private and commercial customers' websites and blogs. With a background in interior design, be believes the way furniture is laid out can affect your business productivity considerably. Similarly, he advocates choosing high quality and contemporary office furniture for the same reasons.