How to Create a Garden Room

A garden room is a fantastic way to increase the size of your living space. You don’t need to obtain planning permission, in most cases, and you’re free to customise it in whatever way you see fit. It isn’t difficult to expand your property with a garden studio. Anyone can do it, regardless of whether you have any previous experience.

Here’s how you can get started building your garden studio from Garden Spaces.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

In some cases, you’ll need planning permission. If it takes up over 50 per cent of the garden, if it’s over a certain height, or if it’s too close to the garden boundary you’ll need planning permission. It usually costs under £200 for this. Councils tend to have slightly different criteria for planning permission.

In cities like London planning permission is normally required due to the number of buildings under protection orders.

Ask the Neighbours

Tell your neighbours about your plans before proceeding. Make sure they’re ok with them. You don’t want to cause friction between those around you by obstructing their view with your studio. Moreover, if you accidentally break any rules with your building they might decide to report you. Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t really want to deal with the hassle of getting the council involved.


Always get a pre-built garden studio delivered to you if you don’t have any building experience. A garden studio from Garden Spaces can include so many variations. You can get an old-fashioned Cedar Cottage look or a steel shepherd’s hut in your garden. It will come already to erect in your garden. Most companies will even bring along a builder to put it up for you.


Beware of drainage. The UK is known for its strong and violent rains, so you could find yourself underwater if you don’t think about proper drainage. Install guttering on your roof and make sure it drains away from your property and any outbuildings. Some people even create holding areas in case of drought. A water butt at the bottom of any pipes and guttering is a good idea.


Insulation is necessary for fighting off any damp and keeping you warm in the winter. A lot of pre-built garden studios come with automatic insulation, but anything like polystyrene can work as insulation. The type of insulation really depends on where you live. You don’t want too much insulation or the room will be scorching during the summer.


Once your garden room is up and ready to go, you need to decorate it. Most rooms come with standard white paint, if anything. You should consider how you want it to look before you start attempting to build a new studio. It’s wise to decide on the furniture you want to buy beforehand so you can budget for it.

The last thing you want is to run out of money on your project before it’s finished and have a half-empty room awaiting you. It’s not really an ideal place to relax!

Tom Clark recommends that you consider getting a garden studio from Garden Spaces.