5 Important Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire A Deck Contractor

As soon as you decide about hiring a decking contractor, you are worried about finding a right contractor who will build the best quality and durable deck for your home and also charge the right amount for the work. Thus it is important to do some background check of the builder or contractor you are about to hire, to be on the safer side.

It is not easy to find a decking contractor; however, there are some steps that you need to take which will make the task easier for you. First of all, be sure in your mind about what type of deck you want and then start searching for a contractor. Ask the following questions to the contractor to gauge the capability and professionalism of the contractor.

• Does the contractor have insurance?

When you go looking for a contractor always make sure that he or his company holds a valid license. The most important thing that follows is if the contractor has liability insurance and workmen compensation. This is important to check because if anyone gets hurt during the construction process the contractor should be able to cover the expense through his insurance else you will have to pay through your homeowners insurance.

• How much experience does he have?

A contractor with more experience is always likely to do better work. This makes it necessary for you to check how experienced your contractor is. Ask your contractor about his past projects and also ask him to give you some references of his previous clients. A good contractor will happily give you the references of more than one customer. It is your duty to check with these customers and ask about the quality of the work done.

• What type of material will be used?

The next thing that you need to ask is what will be the quality of material used in constructing a deck. You will have to make sure at the time of construction that the contractor is using material as described to you earlier. If you have discussed about the quality of material in advance you will be able to know a little bit more about the decking material, which will give you an upper hand in negotiating the price as well.

• Will he give the warranty?

Make sure your contractor is willing to provide warranty for the material as well as warranty for the labour. Once your deck is built you should check your deck for minor issues or faults in first few weeks so that you can use the warranty, if needed, in time before it lapses.

• How will he charge?

Last but not the least, you must know how the contractor charges. Some contractors offer fixed quotation while others give an estimate of the work to be done. If you have agreed on a fixed price there will be no issue, but if you have agreed on an estimate, you need to know if how and where the extra charges are applicable.


When you start searching for decking contractors in Adelaide you will easily find a long list of contractors, but finding a professional and credible contractor from among them is not easy. The way your contractor answers the aforementioned questions will make it easy for you to hire the right decking contractor. You will be able to find the contacts of reputable and well experienced decking contractors online.

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