Moving House - A Survival Guide

Moving house can be a stressful time but if you stay organised and patient, you'll get through the process without any undue stress.

Keep Documents Organised

It's best to know where the important documents pertaining to you house are at all times. This means that if you are called into an impromptu meeting with your mortgage broker or estate agent, you'll have everything you need to hand.

Keep Calm

If you do find that things are getting on top of you, just take a few moments to take a few deep breaths and remember why you are moving house. The excitement of a new home and how you're going to feel once you're in should be kept at the forefront of your mind.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you'll soon be taking a new step in your life and moving into a new home. A little bit of hardship and stress in the run up to that doesn't mean much at all.

There May Be Setbacks

The house buying and moving process rarely goes without a hitch. Prepare for the worst and you'll probably find yourself being pleasantly surprised.

Don't Worry About Overlap

If there's a day or two where you don't have a house, you can look into self storage Houston while you stay with friends or at a hotel.

Rope In Family and Friends

If you can enlist your family and friends to help you move into your new house, you'll find that the process goes a lot more smoothly. You can reward your helpers with a takeaway once you've successfully moved in.

This is a very practical way to socialise and you get to share the excitement of moving into a new house with others.

Be Prepared

Get things packed early and don't leave it all to moving day. In the weeks ahead of your exchange date you should be packing until only the essentials are left for boxing up on the final day. This may mean some time spent living amount boxes but you'll be ready to go as soon as moving day comes along.

You should also be prepared with everything you need in the new house. Do you know where essentials like toothbrushes, bedding and plates are?

Don't Think About Cooking

On that first night in the new house, the last thing you're going to want to do is cook. Even if you normally cook everything from scratch, the first night in a new home should be more relaxed. Either get a takeaway or have a kind family member or friend bring over something for dinner.

Get Enough Sleep

If you've prepared well enough then you'll be able to get a good night's sleep before the moving day. Ensuring you're well rested means you'll be less quick to anger if you do get stressed and you'll also feel refreshed ahead of moving all those boxes and furniture.

Enjoy It

Make the most of moving in, we don't get to do it often. If you can make a game out of some of the more mundane tasks as well as having fun with family, it'll all be a lot more enjoyable.