7 Signs you Have a Great Home Security System

The risk of home invasion is as present now as it was 50 years ago, only now it somehow feels as though we have a lot more to lose. With the amount of top quality technology that we have available to us, most houses these days are filled to the brim with expensive televisions, computers, tablets, and all kinds of other gadgets that are not only expensive to replace, but often contain information that we would prefer to keep out of the possession of others. So to protect your house, you install a home security system, but how do you know if it is a good one? Well here is a checklist of sorts that will help you to know whether or not your home security system is a really good one.

1. It uses the most advanced technology available

We live in a world of smartphones. A world where touch screen technology is the norm, and everything that we need can be carried around in our own pockets. Does your home security system take advantage of this technology? Are you still wrestling with a clunky system everyday that you have to set five times before it starts working, and goes off regularly for no reason? If you answered yes to the latter question, the answer is no for the former.

2. It can keep you safe while saving you money

The obvious advantage of having a security system installed is that it saves you the worrying prospect of having your home being invaded by intruders, and it also protects you from the cost of having to replace valuable items that are stolen. But if your home security system is a great one, it can save you even more money. Vivint Home Security in Chicago, Illinois, and Indianapolis, Indiana have done extensive surveying of people in these regions to see how crime affected them and if they felt safer with a security system, and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of security. Many reported attempted robberies foiled by home security. Safety coupled with the ability that the newest systems give you the power to control things such as lighting and heating, allowing you to monitor both more closely and save money in the process.

3. You can receive alerts when something is wrong

It’s all very well having an alarm that sounds when someone is trying to enter your house, but what good does that do if you are an hour’s drive away? A great security system will link to your smartphone and send you alerts whenever something is wrong. This keeps you up to date on the happenings in your home, and lets you act accordingly.

4. You can lock your door with your phone

A great security system allows for human error. How many times have you left your home with that gut-wrenching feeling that you might have forgotten something? Home security systems are allowing for this, by letting you lock your door or arm the system remotely, from wherever you are.

5. You can view your video footage from anywhere

Security cameras are not only wonderful deterrents, but they also allow you to keep track of what happens at home, even when you are not there. But now you can keep track of your home with a live feed of your security footage, right on your smartphone. One of the best companies at this is Vivint.

6. It controls more than just your security

As mentioned previously, a great system will allow you to not only control your security, but also other features of your house, such as lighting, heating and cooling, and perhaps even entertainment features.

7. You feel secure

Above all, the most important thing when it comes to home security is feeling secure. A great home security system will provide this feeling for you. If your system makes you feel safe, the rest are just details.