Answers to the 5 Most Common Questions Related To Quilts

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What many people don't realize is that the bedding material plays a very important role in one's life. This is because a good pillow, mattress and quilt will help you sleep better and better sleep means better health and quality of life. Sound sleep also increases the level of concentration and in turn improves performance at work.

Many things need to be right in order to get a good night sleep and a warm and cozy quilt is the most important of them all. Here I have tried to answer the five most common questions that people have regarding the quilts.

What is the right quilt size for me?

The quilt size generally depends on your mattress or bed size. The different sizes available start from single, double to queen, king and super king. What people generally do is that they buy quilts which are one size larger than their bed or mattress size so that they get the fall on the sides of the bed. There are many manufacturers that also make custom quilts for those who do not find comfort in the aforementioned standard quilt sizes.

How do I determine what warmth is good for me?

The warmth provided by the quilts vary a lot and manufacturers give you an option from choosing a quilt that gives you the warmth of one blanket to seven blankets and even more if required. Depending upon the weather conditions you can select your quilt warmth. If you are living in a very cold area then you need the warmth of your blanket accordingly. There are a few manufacturers that offer to make different warmth levels on the same quilt, which means one side of the quilt is warmer than the other side of the quilt.

How often should I clean my quilt?

It is important to keep your quilts clean if you want to increase the useful life of them. How often you should wash your quilts depends upon the material it is made of. If your quilt is made of synthetic material then you can wash it more often, but if your quilt is made of natural material such as duck and goose feather and down then you can get it washed at the recognized duvet washer once or twice in a year to keep the feathers soft and warm.

Which stuffing material is the best?

Quilts are made of many different types of materials which include silk, wool, cotton, other synthetic alternatives; but the best quilts are made out of duck and goose down and feather. This is because these feathers are natural insulators and so they adjust to the weather conditions automatically.

How often do I need to replace the quilt?

The need to replace the quilt largely depends upon the quality of the quilt. If you have bought your feather quilt from a reputed and trusted manufacturer, then you will have a quilt that lasts for more than seven to eight years. The material used in making the quilts also influences the life of the quilt.


These are the most common questions asked by the people when they think of buying quilts, but you probably have many more questions related to your quilts. The best place to find the answers to all your questions is at the quilt store. There are excellent online quilts store where you can post your inquiry to get the desired answers. Remember it is not worth compromising on the quality, material and size of your quilt if you want to have peaceful sleep every night.

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