Make Your Antique Furniture Sparkle Again

Antique furniture always holds a special sentimental value for its owner. On the other hand, every piece of old furniture carries important artistic and intrinsic value as well, which could bring a lot of money if taken care of properly. This market has great potential as it has been growing continuously over the years. Most pieces are made of hardwood, upholstery, bronze, and iron, which obviously requires special care and attention. This article will show you several guidelines about how to clean antique furniture while preserving its wholeness and features at the same time.

Cleaning without damages
Wood, the main material used for most antique furniture, has many pores that allow dust and moisture to penetrate the surface as time goes by. Minimise the negative impact of dirt and water by cleaning the furniture on a regular basis. You need several tools to successfully accomplish this task: paper towels, furniture cleaner, a soft cloth, and a soft paintbrush to apply the cleaner. It is best to choose a furniture cleaner based on oil instead of the traditional beeswax. Wax acts like a seal for dust, incorporating it into the wooden surface. Solutions based on oil open the pores and ease the dirt removal process. Anyway, keep in mind to avoid aerosol products because they can irreversibly damage the finish of an old piece of furniture.

How to remove bad odours
If you want to get rid of the unpleasant smell of your old, wooden cabinets and wardrobes, you have at your disposal a few easy, natural, and non-invasive solutions applied by homemakers for decades. Make a mix of fresh ground coffee beans and rice, sprinkle the mixture inside, and leave it there for at least a week. You can easily remove the powder with a vacuum cleaner. For persistent odours, spread drops of orange or lemon oil and repeat the operation until you get the desired results.

Cleaning hardware
Both collectors and specialists of antique furniture advise people to avoid hard cleaning of the hardware because disrupting the patina caused by ageing can actually decrease the value of the furniture. Use a soft and smooth rag to clean the hardware. However, due to intensive use, furniture hardware breaks and needs to be replaced from time to time. You need to look for a store that specialises in antique hardware because you will ruin the entire look by attaching modern hardware to old-fashioned furniture. You can find a wide range of attractive items in the antique furniture hardware section.

There are stores that sell, besides originals, reproductions of all kinds of old furniture hardware. This could be an option to take into consideration if you do not find something appropriate or have a limited budget. Reproductions look great and are cheaper, though they last for a shorter period of time and the eye of a connoisseur will observe the differences quickly. So, if you want to avoid a drop in the value of the furniture, make sure you only buy original hardware replacements.