Must-Do Furniture Maintenance Advice

You probably put a lot of time, effort, thought and resources into buying your furniture. It follows that you want to enjoy that furniture for a long time to come, without the hassle of having to repair damage to it or having to replace it. Here are some of the top furniture maintenance tips to help you preserve your furniture and keep it looking good for longer:

Protect your furniture from heat and sunlight. Direct sunlight will dry out and crack wood, fade and mar the looks of your furniture and will thus shorten the lifespan of your furniture. Unless your furniture is built and designed for the outdoors, protect it from the elements. Also protect your furniture from heat such as hot pots, heating vents and so on.

Keep your furniture clean. Regular dusting may be all that you need to do for your furniture. Periodically a mild washing detergent and a soft cloth may be needed to clean your furniture more thoroughly. Depending upon the type of finish and surface the furniture has, you may need to use a commercially available polish for the wood as well as any brass or copper fittings it has. 

Mop up spills, clean up stains and cover up scratches promptly. If you have kids in the house, you will have crayon marks, marker stains and other spills to contend with. Naphtha or rubbing alcohol will take care of most of these. Minor dents, scrapes, scratches and gouges should be filled up promptly before they get any worse.

Do not place furniture where it is very dry or very moist. Moist air encourages growth of fungus and mold, whereas heat will dry out and cause shrinkage in furniture. Protect your furniture from both extremes.

Take care when you move furniture around . If you're moving furniture around, try to lift and move it rather than drag it as far as possible. If you need to store it for a while make sure it is first dismantled (if required) and then packed and insulated well, will special regard to any glass or other fittings.

Attend to minor cracks and loose joinery immediately. A table that rocks, a chair that wobbles and a sofa that creaks alarmingly – these may all be an indication that your furniture needs a once over and perhaps some minor repairs and maintenance. Attend to this before the situation worsens.

Protect your furniture from pests. Pests can destroy furniture by boring holes into it, making it hollow, devouring tapestry and destroying other finishes.  So make sure that any termite, borer, rat or other infestation is nipped in the bud by keeping a vigilant eye on your furniture.

Follow instructions for maintenance . Furniture manufactures will typically indicate what needs to be done to get the best out of furniture. Follow those instructions for proper cleaning, storage, polishing and maintaining the patina of the furniture. Use of harsh chemicals, strong cleaning materials, or products inappropriate for the type of furniture you have will mar its looks as well as its longevity.

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