Choosing windows for your house during the renovation

Windows come in a number of styles, designs, models and makes. When you are in the process of your home renovation or construction, you might be required to replace some of your existing windows. Well, it’s not easy thing finding the perfect window for your house, unless you choose to replace it with the same model in case you are renovating it. However, it is always better that you opt for something more different than what you had previously. This will help in making your house look different and even much better than it was previously.

The task of choosing new windows can get a bit overwhelming when you are in the market for buying new ones. The sheer number of windows out for sale today is enough to make you go all confused on which ones to buy for your house. Well, with a little preparation from your side, you can easily keep off from such issues and find something that best suits your requirements. Here are some of the major types of windows that are available today and the advantages of having them installed in your house.

Most houses these days have a sash and case windows installed on them. Well, these are probably the simplest of all windows. They are popularly used in contemporary homes all across Europe and U.S. Although they are ideal for almost any type of house, they can still get to be a bit too boring at times. People who have sash and case windows installed in their houses have been found to replace them with different models during their next home renovation process.

Jalousie windows

Jalousie windows were among the most popular house windows during the midcentury. Also known popularly as louvers, these models are basically a specific type of glass shutter. They are manufactured out of glass stats. They can be easily opened and closed in unison as they are set together using metal clips. They have become very popular during recent times, mainly because of their unique design and appearance. They are also very affordable compared to all other major types of windows available at present.

Double hung windows

You probably might know everything about double hung windows. They are excellent for ventilation purposes. They have an upper sash on the outside that slides downwards and a lower sash on the inside which can slide upwards. The best thing about these types of windows is that the top part alone can be opened with the bottom remaining closed. They can be installed anywhere in the house like lounge, bedrooms, and even your study rooms.

Bay windows

Bay windows can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your house. They give a 3-dimensional look to your house as they are windows that have more than three sections joined together in the form of a curve. The side section of these windows can be opened while the large middle portion usually stays fixed.

Besides these, there are several hundreds of windows available in the market these days. You may browse the internet or contact your nearest window dealer for more information on various types of windows and their benefits.

Author: Anders Timberson who has several home tips related articles online. Follow him on Google+.