Why is a Walk In Shower Better than a Bath?

There are many reasons why a walk in shower can be better than a bath for your home; as well as the aesthetic and practical benefits of a walk in shower, you can also save money on your heating bills. Walk in showers are a similarly good option for disabled users, and create more space, allowing you to lead a more decluttered life. Other reasons for investing in a walk in shower can including the ease by which you maintain one, and increased resale value for your home in the future.

Easy to Use

Compared to baths, walk-in showers are much easier to use - rather than filling up a bath, just switch on a walk in shower and use it without even having to open and close an enclosure - you can also quickly wipe down surfaces after your shower, or just let water run away on a sloped floor into a central drain.

Creates More Space

In some cases, a large bath can completely dominate your bathroom, and can mean that you’re not using all the space that you have - by removing a bath and installing a walk in shower, you’ll have much more space to use, and a more comfortable room where you can spend more time on decorating and increasing the amount of light that’s coming into the space.

Easier to Clean

Older baths can be a particularly difficult item to clean, and particularly when they start developing problems with grime and rings, leading to regular cleaning, maintenance, and grouting; walk in showers are designed to be as simple to clean as possible, with the addition of waterproofed, or ‘tanked’ walls ensuring that your bathroom is less likely to develop mould than other bathrooms.

Ideal for Disabled Users

Open plan showers that are fitted with extra bars and handles are ideal for disabled users, as they remove the problem of having to navigate a bath or a bath chair; walk in showers in wet rooms are also safe to use, as treatments can ensure that floors are anti slip.

More Cost Effective

Once you have a walk in shower installed, you can often find that you’re saving a bit on your energy bills every month; as well as cutting out the energy cost of running a bath, walk in showers can be combined with wet room walls to prevent energy from being easily lost, meaning that a shower in the morning can help to keep your bathroom warm throughout the day.

Design Flexibility

Walk in showers are particularly recommended for smaller bedrooms where you want to make the most of your space. Again, removing a bath will free up a lot more space to put in a walk in shower, and can add significant value to your property in terms of making smaller rooms seem bigger.

More Modern Design

When you have a shower that you can walk into, you’ll find that you have a more unique selling point if you want to put your home onto the market. Showers without enclosures are also ideal if you want to fit in extra features like halogen lighting and high speed water jets.

Easy to Maintain

Once installed, a wet room is relatively easy to maintain, compared to a bath. With a bath, you can have problems with old plumbing, leaks, and taps, as well as the cost of having to remove and fix problems with it; a walk in shower, by contrast, when properly fitted, should last a long time without needing additional work.

Author Bio

Sidra is a wet room and walk in shower convert who has had one in her home for several years. She likes to blog about DIY and renovations, and has saved money on her energy bills since installing her wet room.