Make Your Windows the Energy Efficient Eyes of Your Home

In Feng Shui, it is believed that the windows are linked to your ability to see clearly in life. Because of the belief, windows are often referred to as being the “eyes of the home” and are very important to the overall energy and health of the household and its inhabitants. Fortunately, to help make your windows the energy efficient eyes of your home, here are 5 tips:

1. Install energy efficient windows.

To help with the flow of Feng Shui through the household, it is important to install energy efficient windows as the eyes of your home. Not only will the right window allow more natural light into the home, but also keep heat inside during the colder winter months.

To find energy efficient windows, you will need to shop around to find the best deals, such as those offered by a company such as Kingfisher Windows. However, no matter where you shop, it is crucial that you do not go with windows that do not create positive feelings even if they are the cheapest. By getting windows that do not create positive feelings, you can bring down the chi of your home.

2. Select window treatments that match the room.

To avoid disrupting the positive flow of energy in a room, you need to select window treatments that subtly complement the surroundings. Anything that you add to the room should not take away from it, so it is handy to follow good interior guidelines in general.

3. Keep the windows sparkling clean and clear.

To help influence your household's chi, you need to keep your windows sparkling clean and clear to allow natural sunlight in. You can cover your windows with window treatments as long as they allow natural light in during the day and keep the household private at night.

4. Do not let objects block the path of natural sunlight.

If objects disrupt the natural light flowing into your home, you may not benefit from its energizing effects. Additionally, the more natural light that you allow into your home, the less you will need to turn on the artificial lights. By not turning on the artificial lights, you will save energy and money.

5. Use light draperies and curtains, or natural wood or bamboo blinds.

To keep the room light and airy, it is recommended to use light draperies and curtains made of natural fibres, such as wool, silk, or cotton. By using natural fibres, you will help contribute to healthy energy and promote good health.

If you prefer to use blinds, it is recommended to use natural wood or bamboo from forest friendly sources to avoid bringing any negative energy into the household. Additionally, if you prefer to use window shades, it is best to avoid the accordion folded style.

Letting natural light into your household is important for Feng Shui to help keep you feeling energized. Luckily, the practice can also save you money by reducing the need to use artificial light or extra heating instead.

Ryan Skinner is a passionate home improvement enthusiast who likes to share his advice on how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home.