The Best Bathroom Renovations For A trendy Look

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The bathroom is one of the spaces in a home that is usually overlooked and needs proper attention. Renovating and remodeling some aspects in the bathroom can transform them into glamour rooms. It is the most used room in a home and the atmosphere should be make you feel relaxed and enjoy the facilities available. Yes, bathrooms are not just utilities these days but recognized as a place to relax and retreat. Hence renovating the bathroom is a most important consideration as it can make a big difference to a living space.

The following are the best bathroom renovation ideas that can transform an ugly and barely functional bathroom into a personal refuge.

Concrete flooring: Concrete is the trendiest option for bathroom floorings. Besides rendering a soothing and cozy atmosphere they are durable and long lasting. This versatile flooring can be coloured, polished, stained or painted to complement the bathroom décor. Implement this environmental friendly product and make your bathrooms not just functional but a place for pampering and indulging.

Stone tiles on shower walls: Though ceramic and porcelain tiles look great on bathroom walls they are replaced by the stone tiles to render a natural spa ambiance to the bathroom. These tiles add elegance and a visual appeal too. However it should not be overdone and incorporated in just one wall in the bathroom to provide a minimalistic look. Stone tiles implemented as a shower wall surround matched with a glass shower door affords a stylish and trendy look.

Wall mounted toilets and vanities: The most popular emerging trend in bathroom renovation is the wall mounted toilets and vanities that assure your bathroom an extremely modern and sophisticated look. Wall mounted vanities gives a look of more space and the wall mounted toilets hide the working mechanisms and pipes and ensures a simple and modern look.

Spas replaced by soaking tubs: Though the jet powered spa bath assures various health benefits and relaxes tired and aching muscles, many are opting for soaking tubs as they are looking for a tranquil experience. The serenity of long deep soaking tubs can create a truly relaxing experience.

Implement serene colours: Incorporating serene colours like green and blue tend to appeal those who are on hectic schedules. The calming and soothing effect of these colours render a refreshing feel. No other colour signifies and conveys regeneration better than green.

Infra-red saunas: This type of sauna is a great contemporary addition to a modern bathroom. Building an infra-red sauna in your bathroom may sound a bit impossible but an infra-red sauna will definitely inspire you to work up a sweat. They assure a detoxifying and rejuvenating experience.

Letting in ample light and selection of fixtures: A bright and sun filled bathroom creates an inviting and relaxing environment. While refurbishing a bathroom great attention should be paid to the lighting as it contributes a lot to the overall ambiance of the bathroom. Lighting fixtures in chrome, nickel and steel enhances the look and feel of the bathrooms. A dimmer switch is also great for a relaxing night time bath.

Make sure that bathroom renovations are done efficiently, perfectly and immaculately well within your budget. A bathroom remodel is sure to increase the value of your homes and fulfill your needs too.