Narrow Houses and Narrow Block Designs - Trends in Home Design

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Lands and lots have become narrower as years go by. Since this situation has become quite common, the best thing to do is to make a way to make good use of these narrow spaces. For the past decades, narrow block designs for modern homes have become very popular as skilled home developers create designs that can be used for narrow houses. Although little space is used for building narrow homes, home developers never fail to make them luxurious and stylish. Home owners and developers stress that narrow houses may look small in the outside but its inside are actually wide and spacious.

History of Narrow Block Houses
Narrow block houses have long been part of ancient architecture. However, it was only recently when it has become prevalent due to the decrease of available lots for houses and buildings. In the beginning, simple designs for narrow block houses are developed. Modern designs were then introduced as more individuals realize the advantages of having narrow block homes. Home developers are still developing more designs for narrow homes to continuously provide the best home without spending a lot o\f money. They are also looking on to adding more features to make narrow block homes more exciting and fulfilling.

Characteristics of Narrow Block Houses
Since there is less space, every area available in narrow block homes can be utilized. These include the space under the stairs and the attic. These spaces can be used for several functions and can be used for storage. The foundation of narrow block houses is also stable and secure. This is to make sure that the house or building will not collapse even if it has several storeys.

The use of narrow block designs to develop homes is highly advantageous especially for individuals who are planning to maximize their lots. You no longer need to purchase wide lots just to have stylish homes since narrow block designs can be as trendy as wide house designs.

Advantages of Narrow Block Houses
Choosing narrow block houses has a lot of advantages. These include the following:

-No problem on lighting
Since the house is designed in an ascending manner, there is no problem when it comes to lighting. Compared to wide houses, you no longer need to spend much on electricity if there is adequate lighting on all the areas of your house. Bright light from the sun can also make your house warmer, cozy and more comfortable.

-Very affordable
Aside from saving money by purchasing narrow lots, you can also spend less on the construction of your house when you choose narrow block designs. It is best to be economical these days so you can save and spend your money on other important matters.

Narrow block houses are definitely "in" in the modern world. If you want to know more about it, you should search the for home buildes as there are many great construction companies. You can also find many different design forms on websites of builders that you can choose from. Also a good tip would be to find contact information for as many home builders in your area and ask questions, as many of them offer different levels of services. A modern, stylish home is no longer just a dream now that it is made affordable for everybody.