4 Stupendously Simple Ways To a Million Dollar Makeover

A living room that looks like a million dollars is usually a strong reason to come back home to. A DIY living room makeover doesn’t really need lots of money – at not as much as commitment, creativity, and an eye for detail. Well made living rooms almost seem like they have been built – in whole – after placing everything else like the furniture, fireplaces, and shelves.

Here are some tips for you to get your living room makeover right:

Build to accommodate. If not, accommodate later

Usually homeowners get to choose how their living rooms ought to be designed. In some cases, however, homeowners don’t get to choose. Either way, elements such as room layouts, orientation, and proper planning would give you a great start before planning a living room makeover.

There’s no reason to fret in case you didn’t supervise the construction of the house, though. Thanks to custom streamlined storage options such as aluminum shelves and brackets, you can always find ways to fill in the gaps.

Orient, disorient, move and shift

Often, simple arrangements change the focus of your living room giving it a very different look. Moving the sofa away from the wall, for instance makes your living room look more expansive.

Throw in pillow covers to make an outdated sofa look beautiful. Get some paintings or art décor on the wall. Choose knickknacks that can complement your living beautifully. If you notice, these are little things that add tremendous value to the way your living room looks.

Work the Living room first. Find shades and blinds later

Long-term and quick fixes to your living room can bring in a major color introduction to your living room. Since, white walls do nothing to enliven the room and since you’d invariably choose a theme color for your living room, selecting blinds and shades should be your last – but still important – task.

While you can choose from a wide variety of blinds and shades that complement the rest of your home, this should almost be your last task standing. Home decoration can be chaotic, but checking out your options isn’t. Here is a huge collection for you to find these blinds and shades.

While you are at it, why not choose eco-friendly blinds, and do planet earth a favor?

Attention to detail

After you work on the major tasks to overhaul your living room, it’s time to work on little details, individual items, and possibly free form art. You could try “Chalk Art” using nothing more than black chalkboard paint and a stretched canvas to give your own rendition to your living room makeover. Look at how you can make everything else look beautiful – work the book cases, fireplaces, coffee tables, open pockets under sinks, etc.

How would you like to transform your living room? Would you like to post some pictures here to share your achievement?

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Passionate about interior design, Chris Savage researches about inexpensive vertical blinds and helps others find these blinds and shades. In his spare time he likes to design and develop WordPress websites, play golf, and hang out with his wife.