Decorating with Nature has Hidden Problems

The newest trend in home decorating has taken a right turn toward the natural with efforts to try to incorporate the beauty and interests of the outside world to the sanctity and warmth of our controlled indoor lives.  However, there are some inherent problems when trying to bring nature in-house but most of those challenges can be overcome with a little forethought and careful consideration.

Plants have always been a mainstay for those trying to soften the stark reality of drywall and tile floors.  But even plants have their problems.  They have to be watered, they have to be pruned and they have to be maintained.  That’s a lot more work than grandmas credenza but there are other alternatives than plants, nature is providing a plethora of ideas to spruce up our living spaces and bring the outdoors indoors.

Decorating with nature can be a simple process of simply placing an interesting piece of drift wood in a bowl of stones to a complete makeover of an entire room using barn wood or bamboo pieces or even old netting.  The options are endless but the task of balancing the natural with continued functionality of the home takes a practices eye.

There are many websites that cater to home decorating and the pictures within give hundreds of ideas that help to accomplish a welcome and inviting balance.  There are a few suggestions that might help the beginner:

1.  Look for items that can be reused or reclaimed and repurpose.  Using pallets as a hanging divider between spaces is a good example.

2.  Use renewables and natural items.  Cork makes a great floor but it also makes a great wall covering

3.  Think before you place.  Having a large burl wood piece might make a great table but does it really go with what you have?  A nice small piece of white fan coral placed on a mantel might be just what the room needs.

4.  Try to think ahead.  One example of not thinking ahead was placing a pet chameleon in a cage less area with lots of leafy branches and sticks for his home. What was not accounted for were the stray crickets that got away and infested the house.

5.  Any time outside or natural products are used it’s important to have them completely checked for unwanted guests.  Natural products carry natural bugs and other pests that can ruin the best decorating plans.

Another example of unwanted pests came from a homeowners desire to reuse cabinets from an old farm.  The cabinets were carefully removed and washed and rehung in the newly designed kitchen, two weeks later the owners were infested with little brown cockroaches.  They needed to call an exterminator. 

If you’re considering altering the inner space with outdoor natural item it would be a good idea to consider; they may be able to give you some insight into the potential problems of certain outdoor items.

Decorating with nature and natural products is a great way to bring the outdoors indoors, creating a unique and pleasant balance to our desire to live in both.  With just a few precautions that perfect balance can be yours as well.