Home Color Blocking 101: How to reinvent Your Walls

Tired of your old painted walls? Thinking about how to have a new look without spending too much? Do you think that applying new paint will be the answer? Or maybe another method to make it more vibrant and unique. There are so many remedies for your concern.

We all know that applying a new coat of pain is the best and cheapest method to change the present look of your home. But in case that you don’t prefer to do this thing, there are still many options that you can do in order to make your wall and home fabulous. It is common that wall paintings are the best way to make a new style of a home. Different colors, patterns and designs for your wall makes your lovely home and alive as well as your daily life.

Before reinventing your walls, do also consider the factors of age and sex for every part of your home. These factors should always be kept in mind before starting any project. Another factor that should be considered is the quality and the form of the materials to be used for your wall. Remember that you’re making a change in order to satisfy your needs and desire. So make sure that you will be able to meet your goals. Here are some ways on how to reinvent your walls.

• Wall papers – if you’re thinking of the old styled wallpaper, forget it! Nowadays there are so many designs for wallpapers. You will be able to find so many trendy styles in your local market. From the old flower designs into a more amazing stylish pattern. Never worry about the application of the wallpapers, it’s very simple and easy. If you really don’t have the idea on how to apply it, there are so many tutorials online that can help and guide you with your wallpaper project.

• Murals - since long time ago, humans are after the things which can truly fascinate them. And because of this, many people try to make artworks to make their life wonderful and this wall mural making. Before you it is usual to see a mural inside a church, but because of the fast growing technology it is is also applied for homes. There are so many murals designs that you will be able to choose from such as animals, places, artist and a lot more. It is also considered as one of the safe approach if you really don’t want to damage your wall.

• Stickers – there are so many cool and personalized wall stickers that for surely will fit your taste. This can definitely bring a new look for your wall and home.

• Wall Topiary – yes, you read it right! We usually find topiary in gardens or lawns. But not for this time, we can surely see this decor in our home...on our wall. There are so many professional which makes this topiary fun and cheap.

Still there are so many wall designs that you will be able to find online and in your local market. Always make sure that you will follow your desires.Enjoy your new lovely wall decor.

Daniel Argent is a home improvement expert. He is the man behind The Home Fixers. If you need a hand in your plumbing headaches, visit their site to find a plumber.