Using Glass Block in a Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms with windows right above a bath tub or in the shower area are bad news. If you use the shower regularly, you'll eventually damage the window. Replacing that window with glass block will provide the light you desire and help you to fully use your shower again.

Many homes have a typical 5 foot wide x 7 foot long bathroom with either a tub or shower that is visible when entering the room. In addition there is a window in the bath tub or shower area. This limits the shower's use. When one uses the shower, water and humidity over time can destroy a wooden window.

Buying and Determining Height for Kitchen Pendant Lights

Online lighting stores may be the best way to shop for pendant lights for your kitchen island or peninsula. Determining the right height to hang it is another matter. We offer tips to get it right.

Pendant lights have become very common place in today's renovated and new kitchens. They are especially good over a peninsular or island because they are attractive and provide needed task lighting.

Shopping for a Pendant light

Updating and Insulating a Wood Paneled Basement

Congratulations! Your home has a finished basement complete with wood or another interior wall paneling. However, it's only suitable in summer and makes an excellent wine cellar the rest of the year. Here's how we tackled these problems and created a beautiful space. Many finished basements with interior wall paneling are just too cold during the winter. The reason is that the contractor just installed wood paneling without any insulation. Don't despair though. Here's where we can help. After all, we've been there.

Glass Shower and Bathtub Enclosures- selecting glass

Visit a showroom before ordering a shower or bathtub enclosure and ask to see the types of glass in different thicknesses.

You'll save a lot of time and avoid the aggravation of ending up with "clear glass" that has a green tint to it if you use our checklist.

Frameless ultraclear shower enclosure

Before choosing your shower and bathtub enclosures, we recommend that you think about the following:


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