Window Tinting AND Going Green? Why Window Tinting is the Thing for 2012.

In 2012, being a homeowner entails a barrage of expenses. Between bills, maintenance costs, food purchases and more, savings from any corner bring upon much valued relief. With the economy looking bleak this year, savings appear to be the name of the game. However, what most do not yet know, is that the “in” method to slash home energy costs this year also benefits our environment. Many experts say tinting is capable of paying for itself in as little as one year. Not only that, but it works to save a generous amount of emissions. If you haven’t yet been convinced that window tinting is “in” for 2012, you may wish to read on.

How Window Tinting Works in Your Home

When window tinting is installed, it acts as a barrier between the exterior elements and your home. On top of its obvious health benefits (many films reject 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays), it is highly effective in shielding homes from another element: thermal heat.

Window Tinting & Cooling Expenses

This is especially true for homes with ample window exposure; window tinting can prove instrumental in lowering cooling expenses. As thermal heat is absorbed into a window film, less of it travels into the home. As a result, demand for cooling shrinks in kind. With demand for cooling slashed, it is no question that energy bills decrease proportionately.

Home Tinting & Protection of Valuables

For some homeowners this year, window tinting has less to do with energy bill control, and more with the preservation of their belongings. Many tinting experts note one huge client concern: The protection of their belongings.

“We’ve had this grand piano since we’ve been married 23 years,” explains Jack Torres, a San Diego resident who says wishes he had his home tinted sooner. “What happened since our home windows were not tinted is that the UV’s and heat exposure began to eat away at the piano surface. You can start to tell where the color begins fading.” Other surfaces, such as leather sofas, also suffer when they are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. For many homeowners like Mr. Torres, valuable protection may be well worth the expense of home window tinting

Window Tinting & Environmental Sustainability

Unlike many cost-cutting measures, one thing surprises most homeowners about window tinting: its environmental stability. Since tinting reduces households’ demand for cooling, less energy is consumed. With decreased energy consumption, emissions are prevented from being released into the atmosphere.

Although home window tinting itself may not be enough to protect our environment, it is most certainly a step in the right direction. If every single home and building was tinted, imagine the environmental impact (even if relatively small) that would impart?

While most environmental measures require individuals to go outside their normal routine, tinting involves a process many already strive for: saving money. Home window tinting is a unique opportunity for homeowners to do the right thing for their finances as well as the well-being of others. For that reason, expect it to be hugely popular in this upcoming year.

Window Tinting & Tax-Savings

Many governments have taken hold of this. On top of savings on expenses (and valuable preservation), often times home tinting translates into tax incentives. Governments from state and local levels, to those in worldwide, have recognized window tinting as a step (albeit modest) towards energy sustainability.

The United States government has done it’s part in recognizing this fact. As part of recent tax relief measures initiated (as part of the Job Creation Act of 2010), homeowners have further incentive to take action. Possible window tinting deductions covers 10% of film cost and is deductible for up to $500. More information on this can be found on

Pulling it Together

By all indications, 2012 is the year of window tinting. With environmental awareness soaring, cost cutting becoming the hottest trend along with recent government incentives, expect to see more of your neighbors installing tint.

Maybe this is the future: A new reality where the interests of self-serving and society-serving come into concert with each other. Even if it’s not, environmentally stable measures such as tinting bring us a lot closer.

Jared Diamond is a content contributor for Detail Wiz Window Tinting. He is an automotive enthusiast and environmental advocate. He enjoys skiing and international travel.