What's your Experience with Lowes and Home Depot's Installation Services?

You can walk into a Lowes or Home Depot today and you'll be asked by friendly sales associates if you want a free estimate on windows, heating and air conditioning, carpeting and kitchen cabintetry. Both Lowes and Home Depot really market their installation services. Now we're wondering it if was worth it/

We found a nice wall-to-wall carpet at Lowes and paid our $35 to have them come out and measure first. We thought that they would be prompt given the state of the economy. However, after waiting two business days after we placed the order to measure, we had to call them. Lowes than called the measurement company and they called us. We hope this is not the beginning of a bad experience.

If you have used any of Home Depot's or Lowes' Installation services, please share your experiences so we can all benefit.

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