Use your Smart Phone to finding Decorating and Interior Design Ideas

Years ago when trying to come up with design ideas, I would buy lots of magazines and go through them for ideas. That got pretty expensive and for the most part, some of the photos were not too good. Now with digital cameras and smart phones equipped with good cameras, I no longer buy magazines. Instead I head off to Crate & Barrel, the Pottery Barn, the Room Store, Dominion and Restoration Hardware. Any store that goes through the trouble of designing vignettes is a good candidate. 

Why go to the Shops?
I visit these shops for several reasons:

  • I can benefit from the great interior designers who put entire vignettes together.
  • I know the price of a piece instantaneously and all the information on what makes up the room
  • I can take as many pictures as I want.
  • If I need help or have questions, the sales staff is helpful.

Let's face it. When you view a room, your senses take in the entire room, including colors, textures of fabrics, wood, glass, leather etc. The major element is the paint color of the walls which as shown below can be the major theme in the room.

See for yourself with a , orange burst, avocado green and beach blue paint color how art, furniture, pillows and other accessories fall in line with the color of the wall.

Color me orange  Color me green

Color me a beach

How they do it?
For me, Crate & Barrel has a technique that I think works very well in terms of using color to best advantage. They build a room around the color of the wall color. Here's how they do it:

  1. Select the vignette's theme color first and then build the room around it..
  2. Paint the color on a 8 foot x 4 foot drywall, and t
  3. Suspend it on wires from the ceiling.

That creates the perfect background for all the furniture and accessories that go with the room. Can this work at home? Maybe if you have a loft apartment and are willing to experiment and are not a afraid of being unconventional.

If you visit a Crate & Barrel Store over time, you see that the vignettes change. Crate & Barrel just paint the drywall a different color and bring in different furniture and accessories.