Tips for Decorating a Loft Apartment

Loft apartments have long been trendy and much sought after living spaces – originally very fashionable among artists, loft apartments are now popular with other young professionals as well. In fact they are now so popular that loft apartments are being converted not only from industrial buildings but also are also being built afresh as residential dwelling, studio or office spaces.

It can be a challenge to furnish loft apartments. Firstly if you have invested in a trendy dwelling space you will want the furniture to be in keeping with the general look. Secondly loft apartments are by definition small, and may have sloping ceilings or walls and exposed beams and other architectural features to contend with and work around.

So here’s what you can do to make the best of your loft apartment:

Use natural light

Lofts are by definition the top of the building, so will receive a lot of natural light. You could consider enlarging existing windows, installing a sky light etc so that you benefit from as much natural light as possible. Also keep the color palette light to create the illusion of space. Using off-whites, pale grays or light lemons can not only make the place look larger it can also reflect light making the most of the natural light.

Divide the space

Rather than one large living area it makes sense to create smaller sections of the loft space. You can use book shelves, screens and even plants to create segments within the loft area. You can use features like exposed beams or sloping ceilings and extend those to create divided spaces.

Keep a minimalist theme

Stick to clean, spare and simple lines when picking furniture. Take care to keep clutter to a minimum because it can quickly overwhelm a small space.

Use nesting furniture

Stools that nest under tables, shelves that fit over stools or over the bed – nesting furniture of this type helps save space and reduces clutter keeping you more organized.

Create storage space

In a small dwelling area, you will not have a lot of space for big wardrobes or other storage space. So pick furniture items that have storage – such as a table with drawers, bed with storage space, a trunk that can be used as a couch and so on.

Pick flexible furniture

Tables on casters that can be used for having a meal or for doing some work; a sofa that turns into a bed when required – these are some examples of flexible furniture that you can use in a loft.

Be selective about the décor

Pick a few, select, bold pieces that particularly reflect your personality or the sense you're trying to convey. Don’t let knick knacks create clutter.

Use the apartment features to your advantage

Create storage space or a seating area under the staircase. Use the skylight or the windows to create a sense of drama. Highlight exposed beams. Create an interesting cubby hole or alcove with a sloping wall that meets the floor – even that tight little corner may be useful for creating light effects, or for storage.

About the author:

Sarika Periwal is a prolific writer passionate about home decor and landscaping. Decorating and furnishing a loft space can be an exciting but challenging project. Consider a drop leaf dining table to save space or a smaller 3 piece dining set if you are a family of 2.