Tips for arranging Furniture

When it comes to home décor, it is not only essential that one purchase the right type of furniture for their home, but they should also make sure that it is arranged in a proper manner room taking into consideration the shape and size of the. Too many furniture in a small room can make the room looks cluttered and messed up. On the other hand too little furniture in a spacious room also looks odd. Hence the right number and type of furniture should be purchased and arranged in an aesthetic manner for the room to look well organized. Let us review few tips on arranging furniture.

Living Room: The main furniture used in living room is sofa, side table, entertainment unit and display cabinet. In case of large living room, sectional sofa’s in the form of L or semi circle can be placed at one side of the room. This set can consist of two and three seater and sofa bed. In the middle of sofa, coffee table can be used. Side tables can be placed on the side of the sofas to display artifacts. Entertainment unit should be placed exactly opposite to the sofa so that it is easy to view television. But one should make sure that there is enough gap between television and sofa so that it does not cause strain to the eyes. If more space is available display unit can be placed in one corner for books and other souvenirs. In case of small room, love seats with a seating capacity of two are the ideal choice. Coffee table with bottom rack can double up as a display unit. Books and periodicals which are normally placed in display unit can be neatly arranged in the rack.

Bedroom: Bed, side table, chest, dressing table etc are the main furniture in bedroom. Bed placed in the centre with side tables on either side is ideal for spacious rooms. If there is separate dressing room, then dressing table and chest can be placed there. Otherwise dressing table can be placed at one corner of the room. In case of small room it is advisable to place the bed towards a corner so that the room looks spacious and provides more walk able space. Built in dressing table and chest would be the ideal choice for such room.

Dining Room: In addition to dining table and chair, crockery shelf and sideboards are used in dining room. A large dining room can accommodate an eight seater table and chair which looks best when placed at the center. Sideboard on one side and crockery shelf on the corner can make the room look neatly arranged. A four seater dining table placed facing the wall with chairs on three sides would be ideal for small dining room. Sideboard can add up as crockery shelf as well in such room.
Keeping the above tips in mind will help one not only in purchase of the correct furniture but also make sure that the room looks spacious and well arranged.

Author Bio: The author Susan Johns is a freelance content writer specializing in home/interior décor writing. With over 5 years experience in the field of furniture and home decor, she has written numerous articles and blogs in this area. Please visit her blog